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I previsouly participated in the project.

Currently I do some modelling like EDOE and my native Scotland. I also am the maintainer of TerraMaster.

TODO FG Airports

Navigation / Project Level Functions
   Confusing LHS Panel
   It contains both Product Level (Settings, Search) and Project Level (Parking List, Properties) functions
   Happy to have a think and come back with suggestions. I would group Icons functionally (Program Level ie Setting, Search, Tool vs Project Level ie Parking, Properties, Check)
   No transition message. Maybe some kind of spinning wheel / Wait message  during transitions (loading selected airport etc) as unsure if the program is hanged or just loading data?
   Unclear how to use the Work In Progress Tool. No mouse hover help on icons
   Unclear how to use the Check option; No "Start" button nor explanation of what is checked and the purpose  

Project/Airport Overview (non Edit mode)

   Too much going on in the background. Is this impacting performance?
   It looks like you are rendering both OSM and APT/DAT elements.
   Maybe the user should be able to select in Program settings what background layers to render (including none). An option to have them in greyscale would also help distinguishing things the user can vary (Groundnet Elements) from the one he/she can’t
   Clickable Elements (Parkpos, Segments): 
   Clicking on a graphic element on the map should bring up the properties panel in the LHS (It does not open by default)
   ParkPos Icon Unclear : No indication of purpose nor heading (PHP and OnRunway icons have icons in them). Can you fill the circle with a simple aircraft outline pointing to heading? I can put together an SVG/PNG is you give me specs/size 
   Bug : Clicking on pushback routes with properties panel open : the map shows pushback routes in different colour but the LHS panel shows all routes as pushback off 
   Non Clickable Elements (why) : 
   Inconsistency: Regular Nodes not shown in non edit mode but PHP and OnRunwat are. Clicking on these does nothing (confusing)

   Why is upload in this panel if Check is on the LHS one? Shouldn't they be together so, At project level I can see all the airports I am working on and in the same space Check / Upload them ? 
   Not sure what Test Icon does. My fault. need to play more with it 

Project/Airport (Edit mode)

   LHS Panel does not show all the data stored: LAT LON only for Parkpos and not nodes?, No Heading for Parkpos shown
   Ideally all data a user can vary should be able for editing not only in the Map/Graphic interface space but also as basic text entry in the Properties panel (lat and lon should be two different fields) 
   Airlines List : Can you show the full name next to the IATA Code in the combo? (not in the selected box). I can provide the list 
   Counter intuitive experience with PHP and Nodes On Runways nodes. There is an icon but you can't click on it. 
   Counter intuitive experience with Threshold: Another Icon/Circle that looks FGA but that I can’t click (shall you grey it?).
   The threshold XML includes headings. Like ParkPos this is another another circle we could fill with a basic pointing shape. Happy to provide design. 
   Two Zoomin Icons?

Actually making edits

   Some serious latency (I am guessing the background images take up a lot of resources (see above option to de activate to improve performance). Zooming in/out is actually a killer  
   Undo : Only choice is to get back to Original/Last Save. Can you get a simple CTRL-Z undo last entry so we don’t have to save every 5 seconds?