Areas populated with osm2city scenery

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This is a list of areas having osm2city generated scenery available for download. The manual describes how to use the sceneries in FlightGear.

FlightGear Versions

The FlightGear version mentioned in the table below means:

Version Compatibile FG versions Effects Choose which objects to show Remarks
(not given → most probably before 2017.1) "all" limited all or nothing large number of files and size
2017.1 2017.x limited yes (ditto)
2017.2 2017.2 traffic, regionalization yes For use with FG version 2017.2.1 you need the copy the following two files (texture atlas and corresponding light-map) into FGData/Textures/osm2city: atlas_facades.png and atlas_facades_LM.png

Available areas

Download link Area In TerraSync Forum thread Min. FG version Created Date Created By Project3000[1] Remarks
w060n10 bottom=10 left=-60 top=20 right=-50 (Barbados) 2017.2 2017-11-04 dutchguy
w070n10 bottom=10 left=-70 top=20 right=-60 (Eastern Caribbean) 2017.2 2017-11-04 dutchguy
LKPR Area around LKPR Prague airport 14-14.75 East, 49.875-50.25 North 2017.2 2017-10-08 vanosten March 2017 Used parameter BUILDING_FORCE_EUROPEAN_INNER_CITY_STYLE=True. Contains a folder Roads_red, which when renamed to Roads shows in red where roads would not be lit (for testing)
Switzerland Swiss national boundaries 2017.2 2017-05-23 vanosten March 2017
KBOS bottom=59 left=4.5 top=62 right=6 2017.2 2017-05-20 vanosten March 2017
ENBR bottom=42.125 left=-72 top=42.625 right=-70.5 2017.2 2017-05-20 vanosten March 2017
The Netherlands
Southern UK
Europe/Spain 2017.2
African/Canary islands
Europe/Poland 2017.1
Europe/Slovakia 2017.1
Europe/Lithuania 2017.1
Europe/Latvia 2017.1
Europe/Estonia 2017.1
Europe/Bulgaria 2017.1
Europe/Hungary 2017.1
Europe/Romania 2017.1
Us/California 2017.1
Ecuador 2017.2 2017-11-20
  1. Meaning that the scenery was generated respecting objects placed by Project3000, but does not contain it