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Location Spain
Interest(s) General Aviation, free software
MP callsign(s) EC-ICE


I'm based in Spain and I find very upsetting to arrive to an empty airport. My goals include:

  • populating all the airports I visited, planning to visit or may visit in real life. This includes mainly small, general aviation airports but also a few of regional and international airports in my area. I have already modeled the airports in this map Many of them are already available using TerraSync, other airports are still in the process to be submitted. Check the project's main page: Custom Spain and Portugal Scenery
  • adding visual reference points to the FlightGear world, specially in my area: castles, big churches, power mills... either directly in TerraSync or labeling them in OpenStreetMap
  • modeling interesting airports around the world. For example: SKRG, SAWO, SAWB, VQPR. All of them are distributed using Terrasync.
  • modeling interesting areas around the world. For example, Tierra del Fuego (Chile and Argentina)