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OK. It has began ...

Current Projects

Reviewing and Tweaking the A380 Nasal Space A380

  • AirbusFMS.nas - done
  • Atmos.nas - done
  • afs_cp.nas - done
  • electrical.nas - done
  • system.nas - done

  • Airbus_fg.nas - on-going
  • doors.nas - discuss: single function for iteratively testing all doors
  • mcdu.nas - todo
  • flightdirector.nas - todo
  • update_nav.nas - todo

  • TextRegion.nas - N/A
  • fmsDB.nas - N/A
  • fmsTP.nas - N/A
  • fmsTransition.nas - N/A
  • fmsWP.nas - N/A
  • reverse-thrust.nas - N/A
  • walk.nas - N/A

Advanced Tracking System

This projects continues to advance and test a tracking system that provides more flexibility in the range of supporting navigation instrument, and real-time reconfiguration.

Holding Pattern

A generic holding pattern computer for FG aircrafts featuring standard and non-standard holding types and entry modes including direct, offset/teardrop and parallel.

Procedure Turn

A generic procedure turns computer. It provides course and heading information to FG aircraft autopilot.

CDU Upgrade


Wind Correction Angle and Other Code Review


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