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G91R1B with HDR Test at 07-2021

I did a test with HDR, but the interior of our FIAT G91R1B looks like this. Of course I hope it's just a matter of code immaturity, although I have to admit that I had the same problem with Rembrandt. The surfaces you see colored are those in which, in the xml, there is an element associated with a texture (a 4x4 px color with .png extension). All the other elements of the G91R1B are colored by the method, much more convenient in terms of speed and performance of the GPU, of direct coloring of the 3D object via XML, for example an object is colored in this way:

        <type> material </type>
        <object-name> screews_01 (Meshed) </object-name>
        <object-name> screews_02 (Meshed) </object-name>
            <red> 0.28 </red>
            <green> 0.28 </green>
            <blue> 0.28 </blue>
            <red> 0.15 </red>
            <green> 0.15 </green>
            <blue> 0.15 </blue>
            <red> 0.02 </red>
            <green> 0.0 </green>
            <blue> 0.0 </blue>
            <factor-prop> sim/G91/re_emit/gauge_red_light</factor-prop>

Although it is a method, unfortunately, little used in FGFS, it is such an efficient method that it allows me to manage an aircraft containing over 4 million vertices with a decent frame rate. On the other hand, as I had already reported, a similar result (but not as excellent as the one I see in the examples) I obtained through a fictitious lighting made inside the cabin with some code of this type:


My question is this: With HDR, will you be able to continue coloring without using images? --Abassign (talk) 19:11, 28 July 2021 (UTC)