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Further Notes

  • even in an "offline scenario", FlightGear could internally use a local/loopback multiplayer server (fgms) and run the AI traffic component in a separate thread or process to feed in traffic - this would be reliable and keep things very straightforward, because FlightGear could make the assumption that a running fgms instance is always available. Similarly, other global state could also be managed and propagated using such an internal fgms instance. This would simplify the design quite a bit.
  • basically, this is already possible without making any modifications to the FG MP protocol: simply by using a dedicated UDP connection for each AI traffic client, instead of directly writing to the FG property tree in order to spawn new AI traffic instances.
  • at some point, private (local) fgms instances could by default allow arbitrary AI traffic to be published, while standalone (public) fgms instances should probably be configurable to enable/disable AI traffic propagation from possibly untrusted clients.

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