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Still to be evaluated

Turning the AI traffic system into an MP client

(This should probably be put somewhere else, as it affects mostly the AI traffic system and is only relevant here because of additional requirements to the MP protocol)

Multiplayer Server RFC:

MP Server

Bandwidth savings

IVAO/VATSIM Discussions

Also search mailing lists and forums for IVAO/VATSIM

Regarding Multiplayer-aware ATC Support

(also see fgms/atlas sourceforge trackers, and search archives for "ATC", "VATSIM", "IVAO")


Depending on the aircraft, each client will need to be provided with a bunch of properties to obtain initial state. These properties are likely to differ between aircraft (custom state such as animations, effects etc), and would ideally be defined by aircraft developers. So that clients connecting with an aircraft, will automatically provide this initial state, while other multiplayer clients would automatically subscribe to it. This would ideally be specified in each aircraft-set.xml file by aircraft developers. Also see Talk:Recommended_Property_Tree_Enhancements#Remote_Properties