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Some notes to the DEV version

The dev version has some advanced features now:

  • Davtron clock now shows the time and temperatures and also features a stopwach. The Flight timer ("FT") is reset by pressing the control-button longer than 3 secs; the elapsed-time ("ET") is started by the first press, stopped by the second and reset by the third. To cycle temperatures or battery voltage, press the red knob (voltage is signified by "E" after the value).
  • Checklists allow you to follow trough the POH operations.
  • New fuel system simulates not only the selection of the tank, but also crossfeed in unbalanced flights.
  • Priming is simulated realistically if you enable "complex engine procedures". For a successfull engine start, follow the checklist. In colder weather, let the fuel flow a little longer, about 1-2 secs. If it is too cold, use the preheater (-> Ground Equipment) to preheat the engine.
    If the engine is "warm" (~75°F), you can omit priming altogether (as long as the remaining fuel in the manifold did not disperse; if it is dry, such like before the first start, inject some small fuel ammount by priming procedure).
  • Also be sure in your preflight check to remove water contamination not only in the wing tanks, but also the fuel strainer (right front) and fuel selector (below aircraft)
  • In Winter (<20°F/-6°C), you can apply the winterization kit to keep the oil sufficient warm. When the oil is too cold, the engine will cough and not develop full power.
  • Oil usage is now also implemented. Be sure to check the oil level in preflight (cap on left nose top) and also conduct an oil change every 50 hours or so, otherwise the oil gets worn out and consumption rates will rise significantly.
  • Start-up states are available now. You may either use all settings of the last session or choose one of "cold-and-dark" / "ready for takeoff" / "cruise". The "Auto" option selects from the last three depending on the startup situation (parking position->cold-and-dark; runway->RfT, in-air->cruise).
  • The Audio panel allows fine tuning of radios.
  • The radio stack received many bugfixes and small additions.
  • A new livery with custom registration is available.
  • ...and some more minor enhancements and fixed bugs :)

There is also more work going on, like icing effects!

Hbeni (talk) 17:16, 20 December 2017 (EST)

Well, Benedikt, I don't think that anyone will read this here. The talk page is thought for dicussions about the wiki entry itself.
Better put it in the main article of the C182S, maybe under a header called "upcoming new features" or something like that. I plan to fix the engine perfomance today, and then put all of the changes to FGAddon. Then we can put also an entry to the Newsletter.
Thanks for all our work on C182S! :-)
--HHS (talk) 13:58, 21 December 2017 (EST)
Oh okay, i did not want to put it to the main page until the changes made it into release. What do you think, should we try to tag relevant issues in git to coordinate a new release? I did found some minor things today that i will want to fix for the next release...
Hbeni (talk) 17:04, 22 December 2017 (EST)
Today I have added the current master branch to FGAddon, but we can add more if we want, any time.
So I think your list here fits much better in the newsletter section, informing all users about the update of the C182S.
Especially your state support, how to use it and the detailed engine startup should be mentioned
I have added a feature list to the main page based ony your list here, and it is quite impressive.
Thanks for all your work!
--HHS (talk) 15:08, 2 February 2018 (EST)

--state support

Another stub for the new wiki update:

Currently Experimental --state support is beeing added. This supports the following states:

  • --state=auto Automatically set state depending on position (in-air=cruise; parking=parking any other=take-off).
  • --state=parking Cold-And-Dark as well as secured to ground; before preflight checks.
  • --state=take-off Ready for Takeoff with engine idling.
  • --state=cruise Engine on and set to cruise (use with in-air-start)
  • --state=approach Engine on and set to cruise (use with in-air-start)

With an in-air-start, airspeed gets initialized to 100kts unless otherwise specified >0 (e.g. --vc=5).


  • Approach to EDDM: fgfs --aircraft=c182s --state=auto --airport=EDDM --offset-distance=6 --altitude=3500 --timeofday=noon
  • Power-off Approach to EDDM: fgfs --aircraft=c182s --state=take-off --airport=EDDM --offset-distance=6 --altitude=3500 --timeofday=noon (engine idles; --state=arking state gives the funny experience of gliding with all hope power lost and blocked pitot)

Newsletter update

I made an entry in the newsletter: Hope you like it :)

We can remove this discussion page if you like, all is done. --Hbeni (talk) 07:31, 3 February 2018 (EST)