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09/2009: Comments regarding classification of properties

While just having a pure collection of the most important key properties may already be useful in some instances, it would actually be more useful to also start providing descriptions for each property (including their relevant units), as well as specifying whether a property is an input property (i.e. to customize/modify FlightGear behavior at startup or runtime) or an output property (a property that is internally driven (and possibly bound) by FlightGear, such as most FDM properties, but also many instrumentation properties). At the moment, the FlightGear property tree system does not differentiate internally between input or output properties, still writing to "output properties" such as tied FDM variables is usually not what the user wants to do. For example, some properties are specifically meant to be used for signal handling purposes. Similarly, mutability characteristics (i.e. whether a modified input property takes effect immediately or not) should preferably be mentioned as well (see Recommended_Property_Tree_Enhancements#Mutability_related).--MILSTD 05:33, 10 September 2009 (EDT)

MILSTD- This is exactly what had led me to this wiki. I'm playing with Arduino and wish to use physical devices eg switches/pots to manipultate FG. So there' is a lot of confusion as to what in in/out and sim. eg landing gear.

  • a switch would be switched to up"
  • > fg input gear up
  • > sim pulls up gear
  • > outputs light "gear up" as confirmation

To document the whole tree would be silly, however some of the "fundamentals" to get users started would be extremely helpful imho ac001 20:42, 10 September 2009 (EDT)