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While I do try to regularly search the FlightGear mailing list archives for relevant discussions to be added to this wiki, I am not subscribed to any of them. Thus, if you disagree with any of my edits I would prefer you to discuss any issues on the corresponding talk page or if necessary on my talk page.

Current WIP

RFC Section

Assembling RFC summaries of discussions on the FlightGear mailing lists and forums, as well as feature requests and suggestions on the wiki to come up with comprehensive analyses of FlightGear issues and possible approaches to tackle them based on previous discussions.

Additional Wiki Categories

Due to the nature of the underlying wiki software, it is currently not conveniently possible to search for certain pages and entries without spending an unnecessary amount of time on each particular search. This could be tremendously simplified by a corresponding search framework that allows to assign (and search for) descriptive page attributes.

Thus, the plan is to add additional "meta" categories to certain pages to help assemble categories of related pages to enable users to easily find related entries.

Please note that it is not necessary for new categories to be explicitly set up to take effect, rather you can theoretically add arbitrary (though, hopefully meaningful) categories to any page and the corresponding categories will be updated dynamically. As soon as at least two different pages share the same category tokens, a category can be considered to be "set up" and functional.

Currently, this is done for the following categories:

  • Aircraft (to more completely describe implemented and lacking aircraft functionality)
  • TODO (possibly containing additional tokens to reflect the nature of the work to be done)

It is expected that these measures will help provide a more flexible experience to users browsing this wiki looking for specific contents. In the long run, it would theoretically also be possible to emulate a limited feature set of an issue tracker system by following the suggested scheme.