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Sky Knights Squadron patch

The Sky Knights squadron is a FlightGear organization regrouping the Sky Knights Demonstration team (which is also OpRedFlag's demonstration team), general aviation pilots and the Sky Knights flight school.

Sky Knights Demonstration team

As to now, the Sky Knights demonstration team flies on Mirage 2000-5 with custom liveries and consist of 10 active pilots qualified in formation flying. The pilots Knight One to Knight Three are the founders and developers of this entity, and the squadron is maintained by all demo team pilots. The pilots are:

  • Knight One - VooDoo3
  • Knight Two - Wolf (aka ROGUE31 & Sputnik)
  • Knight Three - VIPER
  • Knight Four - 12787 (aka Lachlan)
  • Knight Five - Cactus
  • Knight Six - Vader (aka Peace & Kazaign)
  • Knight Seven - Salmon
  • Knight Eight - FOX-02 (aka Mako & OPFOR88)
  • Knight Nine - Mr.Roven (aka DBA-953)
  • Knight Ten - Marsdolphin (aka mars006)
Four Sky Knights at the ready!

The Demo team is based at LFTH - Le Palsylvestre Navy and LFMN - Nice Côte d'Azur, on the French Riviera.

Sky Knights Flight School

The Sky Knights flight school consists of flight instructors, usually members of the demo team, and trainees. There are several courses of training:

Military cursus Helicopter cursus Big military cursus Warbird cursus
A-337G Skymaster Alouette II PA-28 Cherokee A-337G Skymaster
F-16 Falcon; Mirage 2000D SA-340 Gazelle C-160 Transall DH-98 Mosquito
F-14 Tomcat; F-15 Eagle; MiG-21 Fishbed, Jaguar, MiG-29 Fulcrum, SU-27SK Flanker AS350 Squirrel; CH-53 Stallion A330 Phoenix (stage Transport / Tanker) / B-1B Lancer (stage Bomber) / RC-137 Rivet Joint (Stage AWACS) Spitfire mk. XIII; BF-109 Emil; P-51D Mustang

At the end of their training, the trainees are fully operational and they can start another course of training, or be included in the demonstration team.


The Sky Knights regularly organize events, like the usual Saturday afternoon event (which happens every Saturday at 16:00 UTC) or formation flying, generally above one of their homebases, or around KLSV and UUDD, where you can see them with occasionally F-14s, F-16s and MiG-29s. You must be a member to participate.

A motive

The creation of a demonstration team was the base of the squadron, but even as there were only three participants the idea to formate a community was present. It results in a merge of a combat community such as OPRF, a place where you can find many superb aircraft not in the FGAddon, a community without age limits or such, and being able to fly with beautiful aircraft in nice landscapes, simply enjoying the ride.


Join us on our website: and don't forget to join us on Discord: (it is where we generally discuss). If you want any information about the Sky Knights Squadron, you may find Wolf around LFTH, KLSV or UUDD around 16:00 UTC on mpserver01, or contact him at

Have a nice flight!