Operation Red Flag

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Operation Red Flag
Age 4 (created Nov 2015)
Website http://opredflag.com/


Operation Red Flag (also known as OPRF and KSUU Crew), which is a community of pilots who share the interest of military aviation and related topics that trains regularly in the surrounding area of KLSV and KXTA, and organize monthly big events focused on realistic military operations. Members are interested in aerial games of strategy using military aircraft. While we understand that FG is not a flight simulator geared toward war or aggression, we appreciate developing the flight, strategy, and decision-making skills that are honed through these types of challenges. The aim of Operation Red Flag (KSUU Crew) efforts is to ensure that military aviation novices and aficionados have a space to collaborate, engage with each-other, and use military aviation assets in tactical environments WITHOUT negatively impacting the FG experience of those who are not so-inclined. Link for information: here (Scroll down to Virtual Air Forces, click on Op Red Flag)

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