Sikorsky S76C

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Sikorsky S76C
The Search and rescue livery
The Search and rescue livery
Type Helicopter
Author(s) Syd Adams (FDM), Maik Justus (FDM), Wim (performance specs)
--aircraft= s76c
Status Unknown

The Sikorsky S76C Spirit is a multi-purpose medium-size commercial helicopter. Mainly used as rescue helicopter, but also often used for transportation and/or tourist sightseeing.


There are 13 different variants of the S76. Only one is modeled for FlightGear:

Aircraft help

The S-76C is capable of towing other planes or helicopters.

Key Function
O Open aerotow hook
o Lock aerotow hook


Warning: Make sure you have set your collective (thrust to full) before you start your engine!

Development status/Issues/Todo


  • No animated doors