Schweizer 2-33

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Schweizer 2-33
Type Civilian aircraft
Author(s) David Culp, Captain Slug (3D)
--aircraft= sgs233
Status Unknown

The Schweizer 2-33 uses a 2D instrument panel containing a Netto Variometer. This instrument displays the instantaneous vertical speed of the surrrounding air mass, in knots. The model begins at 3000 feet altitude and 60 knots airspeed. It takes some time for the model to stabilize initially, and a very long time for the VSI to stabilize.

By default the model sets up a thermal scenario which places several thermals and sinks around San Francisco Bay. Please see the related article on Soaring.

Development status/Issues/Todo


  • when looking inside the cockpit there is an 3d error at the back seat
  • flaps (what flaps? it has dive brakes and no flaps! --vassilii) are not animated
  • rudder, ailerons and pitch elevator are not animated
  • no pilot/co-pilot in cockpit visible
  • aircraft is textured, but texture quality is poor and blocky (especially the text on the side)
  • aircraft has no shadow

3D cockpit:

  • 3d cockpit is not available
  • ASI apparently borrowed from c172. V-speeds don't match sgs233. sgs233 has its ASI calibrated in MPH.


  • no hud available
  • airplane does not crash, instead you can flight below the earth surface
  • initial starting postition shouldn't be over KSFO, because then every user will hear this noisy and disturbing warning sound because you're flighing over a runway (vassilii: I think the problem is rather that marker beacons shouldn't be received in the sgs as it has no electric stuff at all same with the radios)