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Prillick Aerospace and Transportation is a virtual aircraft manufacturer. It creates aircraft mainly for virtual airlines, but also creates small aircraft and jets for private and/or charter use. So far, Prillick Aerospace has only completed one commercial aircraft, the unsuccessful MD-11X.

The MD-11X project

The MD-11X project was started in the middle of February. Multiple variants were planned (Passenger, Freighter, Combi, PAX/Freighter, Long Range, Extended Range, Domestic Range), but only 3 (PAX, Freighter, and Combi) were completed. The first PAX aircraft was delivered on May 5th 2015 to StarJet Air. Unimpressed, they limited their order to 10 aircraft. Next came the Freighter delivery to RSA virtual airline on May 7th, 2015. But, due to the aircraft's incompatibility with Windows machines, RSA's order for 5 aircraft was cancelled, favouring the MD-11 freighter and the Boeing 777-F. Also, FGALC's combi order is currently suspended. The state of that order as well as development is unknown.

Regional airliners

Prillick Aerospace has released plans for a regional airliner family to compete directly with the Bombardier CRJ700 family, and both Embraer's ERJ-145 family and E-jet family.