Piper PA-32

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Piper PA 32
PA32 on ramp.jpg
Type Civil aircraft
Configuration Low wing aircraft, Retractable gear aircraft
Propulsion Piston aircraft, Single-engine aircraft
Manufacturer Piper
Author(s) Emmanuel Baranger (3D, FDM)
--aircraft= pa32
Status Early production
 FDM Stars-3.png
 Systems Stars-2.png
 Cockpit Stars-3.png
 Model Stars-4.png
 Hangar Helijah hangar
 Website The website for the Piper PA 32 developments.
 Repository The development repository of the Piper PA 32.
Download Download the Piper PA 32 aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).
License GPLv2+


The Piper PA-32 has long name of Piper PA-32 Cherokee Six, according to Wikipedia. This is the R version since it has retractable undercarriage. With its Lycoming IO-540-K1A5, 300 hp engine, it carries six passengers.

The Model

Downloaded and copied the PA-32 to the FG 3.0 folder in my machine. I was eager to try out a larger version of the Piper PA-32, and aircraft that is easy to fly if a bit slower, and one of my favourites. With the bigger engine, the PA-32 would climb faster, fly faster and be more stable to handle, displaying the benefits of size.

The base model appeared in white with a double red stripe down the side. In my experience, this kind of livery is woefully inadequate for bringing out the detail and the form of the 3-D model in Flight Gear. I found a blue and white livery in the menu, strangely name as something-family and immediately was rewarde withe full blue wings and lower fuselage.


The interior shows proper thickness around the windows, however the instrument panel is surprisingly sparse, to put it mildly. There is a lot of opportunity for improvement here.


The PA32 tracked well down the runway, steering was direct and precise. One surprise however was how fast it accelerated to 200 knots and reached the red lined Vne quickly. That was no knots - the ASI is calibrated in kmh for no obvious reason, and needs to be changed as soon as possible, for realism as well as for control.

The airplane stalled without dropping a wing, with the rate of decent remaining at 500 fpm throughout the descent. Control was good. This may not reflect reality, however.

Improvements needed

  • Panel has few instruments, ASI is in kmh
  • Large aircraft sized shadow under the aircraft at all altitudes

V Speeds

  • Max: 156 kts
  • Cruise: 151 kts
  • Stall: 55 kts


Frontal view of a large, impressive aircraft  
On the ramp, the PA-32 sits hight  
Selected blue livery better than the default  
Looking out the window on climbout, showing the glass shading  
Sparse instruments, but good seats  

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