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Update : 23 Feb 2014 

Updated Revised aircraft review scheme:

Aircraft screenshots - cockpit and 2 exterior views

Comment on exterior view

Review of cockpit

Review of instruments

Review of interior

V-speeds: Vs, Vr, Vy, Vne Vcruise, V turbulence, g limits

Flying the aircraft model


Version tested - list all versions and aircraft versions and state if tested/etc

Introduction (feb 23 2014)

To make the sharing of information easier, as some have suggested, here I am creating my user Wiki page.

My goals for Flight Gear:


1. Test aircraft and populate the Wiki. Many aircraft do not have a wiki page showing the cockpit. Without this no one will know how good the model is or how much it needs to be improved. - in progress

See list of aircraft I have tested:

2. Increase the number of trees in the scenery - esp tree clumps - not started

3. Improve 5 airports in default area with buildings trees etc - not started

4.Improve aircraft or add new aircraft - in progress, version to be decided first

5. Create a paranomic projected flight sim for more realism - not started

6. Use FG to design build and test aircraft - not started 7.Use FG to learn to fly -in progress

8.Do some (private) research in aircraft instruments and readability - in progress

Results of the Survey to date:


Flight Gear 0.9.8 0 No votes Flight Gear 0.9.10 (2006) 0 No votes Flight Gear 1.0 (2007) 1 3% Flight Gear 1.9.0 (2008) 0 No votes Flight Gear 1.9.1 (2008) 0 No votes Flight Gear 2.0 (2010) 1 3% Flight Gear 2.4 (2011) 2 6% Flight Gear 2.6 (2012) 0 No votes Flight Gear 2.8 (2012) 0 No votes Flight Gear 2.10 (2013) 3 9% Flight Gear 2.12 (2013) 11 33% Flight Gear GIT version (pls state) 15 45%

Given that many people are using 2.4 or higher, I installed 2.4. however shader issues caused m problems (see my posts) and I ended up crashing my X- server by a faulty installation of a driver (my fault) so I am back to 1.0. Hope to install 1.9.1 in WINE ( 2.4 W32 does not work) so I can review aircraft in the OSG environment.

List of aircraft Reviewed and updated to Wiki (to be completed)


Lancair235----Version-----FG 2.4

Piper Commanche 250

De Havilland DH 8

De Havilland DHC 4

Piper Aerostar

Piper Cub

Moyes Dragonfly

F104 Starfighter

L-29 Albatross