Paper airplane

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Paper airplane
A paper airplane soaring over San Francisco, California
A paper airplane soaring over San Francisco, California
Type Fictional aircraft, Glider aircraft, Unmanned aerial vehicle
Propulsion Unpowered aircraft
  • Skyop (3D)
  • Patrice Poly (ASK-13 FDM)
--aircraft= paperairplane
Status Production
 Website The website for the Paper airplane developments.
 Repository The development repository of the Paper airplane.
Download Download the Paper airplane aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).
License GPLv2+

Thermalready.png The Paper airplane is a realistic, 100:1 scale model of a typical paper airplane one might fold in real life. In FlightGear, it uses the FDM of the ASK-13 sailplane.


  • Different liveries, or "stationary" can be selected
  • The model is UV mapped in such a manner that liveries are folded as if they were printed and made into actual paper airplanes

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