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Autogen Scenery
Started in 11/2013
Description Improved autogen support for FlightGear using OSM data
Contributor(s) radi, vanosten, Soitanen, portreekid
Status Under active development as of 02/2016
Topic branches:
$FG_SRC https://gitlab.com/osm2city/osm2city/
fgdata https://gitlab.com/osm2city/osm2city-data/

osm2city can now be used to create complete tiles. It simplifies the usage of the osm2city.py toolchain. Currently it is tested for windows, but is planned to be portable.


  • Building of tile directories. Done Done
  • Generation of elevation map. Done Done
  • Generation of download batch. Done Done
  • Generation of osm2city batch. Done Done
  • Generation of osm2pylons batch. Done Done
  • Generation of roads batch. Done Done
  • Generation of piers batch. Done Done



Adapt params.ini

Since the next step distributes the params.ini to several subdirectories it is advisable to edit the template params.ini


Call build_tiles.py

python batch_processing/build_tiles.py -t w003n60 -f params_kp.ini -o params.ini

This step copies the params_kp.ini and adds the tilename as a PREFIX and outputs to params.ini. You can use option "-p" on linux and mac in order to generate scripts with parallel processing support and specify the max number of parallel processes when calling the generated scripts.

#-- Scenery folder (typically a geographic name or the ICAO code of the airport
PREFIX = w010n50/w006n55


Generated by build-tiles.py and contains the calls to all subdirectories of the tile [ew]XXX[ns][YY].


Generated by build-tiles.py and contains wget calls to download all the subtiles of [ew]XXX[ns][YY] into the subdirectories.


Generated by build-tiles.py and contains the calls to all subdirectories of the tile [ew]XXX[ns][YY].


python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909568/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909569/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909570/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909571/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909576/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909577/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909578/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909579/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909584/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909585/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909586/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909587/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909592/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909593/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909594/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909595/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909600/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909601/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909602/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909603/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909608/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909609/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909610/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909611/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909616/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909617/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909618/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909619/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909624/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909625/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909626/params.ini
python osm2city.py -f w010n60/w003n60/2909627/params.ini