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  • this still needs to go into detail as to how install scenery in a custom, non-FG_ROOT location

MILSTD, 18 March 2008 (UTC)

How's this:

When you first install flightgear, you get a limited set of scenery and airports. I downloaded all the scenery .tgz files for North 40 covering the US from West to east.

Because my home directory is the only thing that survives a reinstall, as root, I created directories there. I download things to my Desktop, so the commands below reflect that.

Check to be sure this listing includes only the downloaded Scenery files.

ls -lah ~/Desktop/[e,w][0-9]*[n,s][0-9]*.tgz

sudo -s
mkdir /home/fgfs
mkdir /home/fgfs/Scenery

for f in `ls ~/Desktop/[e,w][0-9]*[n,s][0-9]*.tgz`
  tar -xvzf $f  -C /home/fgfs/Scenery

rm ~/Desktop/[e,w][0-9]*[n,s][0-9]*.tgz
rm  ~/Desktop/[e,w][0-9]*[n,s][0-9]*.tgz

Now we need to tell linux where we put all those files..

sudo gedit /etc/environment

Add the following line


Save the file

Restart your computer and restart FlightGear

Use the Location menu item "Position Aircraft" (on Ground)

pick an airport in the area you downloaded and enter it's ICAO code.


You should see the city of Boston in the background.

Callahanp, 15 November 2009 (UTC)

Looks good to me. Please add it to the article. I am sure people will improve it where (and if) possible later on.
Oh, and please sign your messages on talk pages with four tildes (~), so we know who said what ;)
Gijs 10:27, 15 November 2009 (UTC)

about the torrented 4dvd link:

Hi: I have downloaded it, and i think it should be mentioned that its tree structure has not 4 directories as terrasync, not 3 directories as in, but just 2: objects and terrain, as it was compiled in 2006. There are also problems with unversioned files if the user wants to merge the contents downloaded from terrasync (automatically) and the torrented files. You may want to take a look at:


wrong download link

the download link for the scenery file is wrong... 404 page ! --Francescobrisa 11:06, 14 September 2011 (EDT)