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Note  FlightGear Launch Control has been superseded by the Qt Launcher. See Howto:Translate FlightGear to translate that launcher.

FlightGear Launch Control, a graphical user interface to run FlightGear, has multi language support. Translating texts is pretty straight forward and a good way to contribute some cents to the community.

  1. Get the latest version of a language file from here. If there is not yet a file for your language, copy one of the others. All files contain the English texts.
  2. Modify the .po file by inserting/editing translated strings in msgstr strings, leaving msgid strings (those should always contain the English text) untouched.
  3. Send the file to FGRun developer Fred, by sending it to the devel-mailinglist.

Special codes

Code Description Example
\n creates a new line "Options are:\n"
" --silent"
%s adds a variable "Unknown airport : '%s'"
# adds a comment to .po file # no translation required

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