Howto:Creating a custom waypointlist pendant using Canvas

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The issue is that even on the larger screens, you can't get the entire list of SIDS or STARs displayed when there are too many.[1]

The route manager dialog.

Status / Todo

  • Add simple helper function for creating tables consisting of vbox/hbox layouts, so that the current appearance can be emulated.
  • for each row, add 3 buttons using a common callback handler

XML Markup


Dialog Builder

C++ Widget Code

The Route Manager

Nasal APIs

Canvas Code (proof-of-concept)

Screenshot showing a Canvas GUI dialog with a table layout to emulate the built-in (hard-coded) PUI waypointlist widget
WIP.png Work in progress
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See history for the latest developments.

For the sake of rapid prototyping, the following snippet of code is to be executed/tested using the built-in Nasal Console:

The Nasal console in FG 3.0 with copy/paste buttons

# for faster testing, let's use a vector with dummy data to be shown matching the columns of the hard-coded widget:
var dummyData = [
 {target: 0, latitude:0, longitude:0, ETA:0},

var (width,height) = (320,160);
var title = 'pui2canvas - waypointlist demo';

# create a new window, dimensions are WIDTH x HEIGHT, using the dialog decoration (i.e. titlebar)
var window =[width,height],"dialog").set('title',title);

# the del() function is the destructor of the Window
# which will be called upon termination (dialog closing)
# you can use this to do resource management (clean up timers, listeners or background threads)
window.del = func()
  print("Cleaning up window:",title,"\n");
# explanation for the call() technique at:
  call(canvas.Window.del, [], me);

# adding a canvas to the new window and setting up background colors/transparency
var myCanvas = window.createCanvas().set("background","bg_color"));

# creating the top-level/root group which will contain all other elements/group
var root = myCanvas.createGroup();

var vbox =;

 var scroll =,, {size: [96, 128]}).move(20, 100);
 vbox.addItem(scroll, 1);

var scrollContent =
            .set("font", "LiberationFonts/LiberationSans-Bold.ttf")
            .set("character-size", 16)
            .set("alignment", "left-center");

var list =;

var addTable = func(scrollContent, list) {

var dummyData = [
{target:'foo1', latitude:'lat1', longitude:'lon1', eta:'eta1'},
{target:'foo2', latitude:'lat2', longitude:'lon2', eta:'eta2'},
{target:'foo3', latitude:'lat3', longitude:'lon3', eta:'eta3'},
{target:'foo4', latitude:'lat4', longitude:'lon4', eta:'eta4'}, 
{target:'foo5', latitude:'lat', longitude:'lon', eta:'eta'}, 
{target:'foo6', latitude:'lat', longitude:'lon', eta:'eta'}, 
{target:'foo7', latitude:'lat', longitude:'lon', eta:'eta'}, 
{target:'foo8', latitude:'lat', longitude:'lon', eta:'eta'}, 
{target:'foo9', latitude:'lat', longitude:'lon', eta:'eta'}, 
{target:'foo10', latitude:'lat', longitude:'lon', eta:'eta'}, 


foreach(var wpt; dummyData) {
 var newRow =;
 var targetBtn =,, {wordWrap:0})
 .setFixedSize(75, 25);
 var latitudeBtn =,, {wordWrap:0})
 .setFixedSize(75, 25);
 var longitudeBtn =,, {wordWrap:0})
 .setFixedSize(75, 25);
var ETABtn =,, {wordWrap:0})
 .setFixedSize(75, 25);
 newRow.addItem( latitudeBtn );
 newRow.addItem( longitudeBtn );
 newRow.addItem( ETABtn );

 list.addItem( newRow );

} # foreach waypoint

} # addTable()

addTable(scrollContent, list);