Howto:Add paratroopers

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Paratroopers jumping out of a Nord Noratlas.

This howto explains how to add paratroopers to an aircraft in FlightGear.

Examples are based on the C-17.


We need to add a couple of things to the planes -set.xml file in order to implement paratroopers.

These lines go above the </sim> tag. The submodels.xml file will be created later on, so be sure to check the path when creating it.

  <serviceable type="bool">true</serviceable>

There are a couple more things to add below the </sim> tag.

   <key n="10">
    <desc>Jump signal</desc>

Ofcourse you can use any key you prefer, but Ctrl+J is often used.

   <trigger type="bool">false</trigger>


Below is an example of a submodels.xml file. You refer to this file in the planes -set.xml file.

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <x-offset> -5 </x-offset>
    <y-offset>  0 </y-offset>
    <z-offset> -2 </z-offset>
  • Model: the paratrooper model. There's a generic one available at this given path, however you can create your own.
  • Delay: time in seconds between each paratroopers jump.
  • Count: number of paratroopers that can be seated on the aircraft.
  • Offset: distance in meters to the model origin from where the paratroopers will jump (therefor the spot where the models will appear).
  • Weight: weight of an average paratrooper in pounds.
  • Wind: is the paratrooper affected by wind?
  • Life: time in seconds that the paratrooper lasts. The model will be deleted when time is up.