Diamond HK36

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Diamond HK36 Super Dimona
HK36 TTC.jpg
Type Civil utility aircraft, Civil trainer aircraft, Glider tugs
Configuration Low wing aircraft
Propulsion Piston aircraft, Single-engine aircraft
Manufacturer Diamond Aircraft
Author(s) Bea Wolf
--aircraft= hk36-ttc
Status Under Developement
 Website The website for the Diamond HK36 Super Dimona developments.
 Repository The development repository of the Diamond HK36 Super Dimona.
Download Download the Diamond HK36 Super Dimona aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).
License GPLv2+

The Diamond HK36 is a modern low-wing single-engine piston motorglider. It is often used for towing gliders and recreational cross-country flights. Its - for a motorglider - relatively low glide ratio of about 1:27, comparable to 1960's training gliders like the Schleicher ASK 13, is the reason why it is normally mostly used in powered flight mode, making thermal flights as common with other motorgliders rather seldom.


The original model of this aircraft is the Hoffmann H36 "Dimona". Diamond advanced this motorglider, creating the following variants:

Model Type Certification Engine Landing Gear Notes
H36 1981 (start of production)[2] Limbach L 2000 EB ( 1.C or 1.AC ) conventional
HK36 1990 Limbach L 2400 EB ( 1.C or 1.AC ) conventional
HK36R 1990 Rotax 912 (A2 or A3) conventional
HK36 TS 1996 Rotax 912 A3 conventional first variant featuring GFK/CFK-airframe and winglets
HK36 TC 1996 Rotax 912 (A3 or S3) tri-cycle
HK36 TTS 1996 Rotax 914 (F3 or F4) conventional
HK36 TTC 1996 Rotax 914 (F3 or F4) tri-cycle
HK36 TTC-ECO[3] 1998 (Austria), 1999 (EASA) Rotax 914 (F3 or F4) tri-cycle Surveillance aircraft, featuring e.g. a possibility to fit an underwing container

Currently (05/2021), only the TC and TTC models are available in FlightGear.

Flying the HK36

The flight manual is available from Diamond Aircraft and is highly suggested to be read before flight.