Crash hauler

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Crash hauler
Crash hauler delivering foam.
Crash hauler delivering foam.
Crash hauler, drivers view.
Crash hauler, drivers view.
Type Truck, Utility vehicle
  • Peter Brown
  • Lanny Chambers
Status Unknown
Download Download the Crash hauler aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).
Forum 'Crash hauler' topic on the FlightGear forum.

The crash hauler is a flatbed truck with a more than slightly hilarious FDM that allows it to do a few things not possible with a more reasonable vehicle.

Put the pedal to the metal over the top of the nearest mountain (but do not forget to deploy your chutes on the way down).

Start up procedure

The crash hauler literally starts up without tanks, which have to be added before the engines can get running.

  1. Open the property browser and traverse to /consumables/fuel/tank.
  2. Set one of the capacity properties to an arbitrary value.
  3. Set one of the level properties to the same value.
  4. Reset FlightGear.

Keyboard shortcuts

Key Function
Shift+b Toggle parking brake
, Brakes
Shift+r Toggle reverse
f Fire foam cannon. Uses the particle system, which must be enabled.
d Deploy parachutes. Can be used as many times as needed.
j Jettison parachute

Handling tips

General tips

  • After some harder crashes JSBSim will have some issues. Sometimes you will not be able to reset.
  • At higher speeds you will have to be careful with the steering to avoid drifting or crashing.
  • Sometimes you will have to be conservative with the throttle but generous with the brakes.


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