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(en) Screenshots of FlightGear taken at high settings around 2018 to 2020.

Note: There are 2 gallery pages

As of early 2020: This is a quick collection from glancing through thumbnails of Screenshot of the month entries, and some recent wiki uploads. It's limited to what's in the wiki. Not all screenshots have all settings turned up significantly (e.g tree density). It also depends on how well people have looked into settings and learned things like the Advanced Weather and Environment simulations at the time they took the screenshot. Some screenshots have been taken on (old) laptops etc.

A lot of craft have been updated since these screenshots were posted.

Craft shown are just whatever the people taking high settings screenshots that ended up on the wiki were developing or flying regularly at the time, and show more of certain types of craft.

FlightGear 2020.3 LTS: almost all screenshots were taken before 2020.3 and are at least slightly outdated (e.g. outdated due to widespread texture tweaks). However, they give a rough indication of what flightgear looks like depending on how much settings were enabled or turned up.

For an idea of FlightGear system requirements for high-ish settings see discussion in Hardware Recommendations (2018.3 LTS). This discussion doesn't take into account the (experimental) 1st OSM2City worldbuild in 2020.3.8 LTS and later, which is more CPU heavy in this early iteration - see worldbuild info for tweaking settings.


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