CASA C-101 Aviojet

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CASA C-101 Aviojet
C-101screenshot 01.png
Type Military jet trainer
Author(s) Pavel Cueto, Fernando Espinosa
Status Beta
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Download Download the CASA C-101 Aviojet aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).

The CASA C-101 Aviojet is a military turbofan trainer, designed and built in Spain, which made its first flight in 1977. With 2 seats and duplicated instruments, it is used in the early stage of military pilots training, before they are allowed to take higher-performance combat jets. Export versions can use some air-to-ground armament, so the C-101 turns into a light attack plane.

This aircraft is used by Ejército del Aire (Air Army, Spain) for training and aerobatics in the "Patrulla Águila" team; Chile, Honduras and Jordan air forces also uses it like jet trainer, shooting trainer, and light ground attack platform. In Chile was built under licence by ENAER, being called A-36 Halcón.

Aircraft help


  • Flaps 10º
  • Full throttle, release brakes
  • Rotate near 115-120 KIAS
  • Fold gear inmediatly
  • Retract flaps between 120-130 KIAS


  • Deploy speedbrake at 250 KIAS
  • Throttle between idle and 75%
  • Low gear below 200 KIAS
  • Flaps 30' at 150 KIAS
  • Final approach near 120 KIAS

Special keys

  • e - Aerobatic smoke (only C-101EB with "Patrulla Aguila" livery) - Cannon trigger (only C-101BB/CC)
  • d - Open/Close front cockpit
  • Shift+d - Open/Close rear cockpit
  • Ctrl+b - Open/Close ventral speedbrake


CASA C-101EB with "Patrulla Águila" colors
  • CASA C-101 EB: Original version, used only in Spain; used by the "Patrulla Águila" aerobatic team, with a Garret 731-2 engine, 3500lb thrust. This version is equipped with a smoke dispenser after the turbine nozzle for aerobatic shows, available only when using "Patrulla Águila" livery.
  • CASA C-101 BB - ENAER T-36: Export version, used by Chile and Honduras air forces, with a Garret 731-3 engine, 3700lb thrust. It can carry weapons (in develpoment feature)
  • CASA C-101 CC - ENAER A-36: Export version, used by Chile and Jordan air forces, with a Garret 731-5 engine, 4700lb thrust. It can carry weapons (in develpoment feature) and sometimes is equipped with a HUD.

Development status

CASA C-101BB/ENAER T-36, with Chile Air Force livery, showing its 30mm cannon
CASA C-101CC/ENAER A-36, with Chile Air Force livery
  • Detailed 3D model & textures
  • External animations
  • Basic instruments (temporary)
  • Particle system
  • FDM performance close to the Pilot's Handbook descriptions
  • Basic fuel & weight control
  • 7 realistic liveries, organized by aircraft version
  • Lights dialog inside aircraft specific menu
  • Help menu for each version (in development)
  • Shaders (bumpspec, reflect)
  • Pushback (military)
  • Basic DEFA 553 30mm cannon, for Bombable scenarios


  • Improve cockpit & instruments
  • Dual control
  • Full Bombable support
  • Functional systems, failures
  • Weapon system