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Found a beacon in the middle of the runway in LMML or some other faults?

First you have to know that 90 % of the airports have "bad layouts" at the moment and at some places even maps are not updated (have a look here i.e.). Most of the airports need updates. This is a lot of work when you think about the 20’000 airports in the database. When you read the tutorials how to build airports you can do it yourself and submit your work. Or someone of the contributors here will once start to work on your "wish" - but please be patient and do not send any messages/mails to contributors. You can go to the forum (Scenery Enhancement) to discuss some issues.

Airports under construction

In this article you find a list of all airports which currently are under construction. You can also see if an airport is "finished" and if the data is already submited to the current database of the mapserver (apt.dat).

Availability of new/changed airports needs some time

In FlightGear there is a common workflow to edit airports. First, experienced contributors have to change the airport data with WorldEditor. Then they submit the new data to the X-Plane community (main scenery data files/airport data file apt.dat). Meantime, other contributors can also submit some scenery to the custom scenery database (for downloading via TerraSync). But for runways, taxiways, beacons, frequencies, the apt.dat file needs an update anyway and maybe also the base scenery around the airport needs an update. Please be patient with updates. It needs more time than you expected.

Submit your work plans and schedule your activities

Please feel free to edit this page and submit your "pending airport" directly.

Current Activities

ICAO Who Airport layout Airport objects AI Network Start date .dat submitted Comments
EDDP August, D-STHO x x 2012-07-01 improved 850-layout (available via GIT, will be published via TerraSync 10/2014), more static buildings
EDLM laserman x 2013
EDLW laserman x 2014 terminal, tower
EDWG gral x 2010-02-03
EDWJ gral x 2010-02-01 2010-02-03 taxiway, runways, positions
EDWL gral x 2010-02-03
EDWP TeXnicer 2013-12-05 First attempts with WED & Co., small airfield
EDWY gral x 2010-02-03
EEKE henrikp x 2010-10
EERU henrikp x 2010-10
EEKA henrikp x 2010-10
EGGD karla x x 2009-07-12 2010-12-02 customized buildings, stock buildings, stock models and vehicles, high detail
EGKK karla x x 2010-02-13 2010-02-07 fully complete; over 60 customized buildings and other features with highly detailed day and night textures; full taxiway signs; AI traffic, parking and taxiways; available as direct download (see forum) or on Git/Git
EGUN J Maverick 16 x x 2015-04-28 Objects, models, buildings.
EGUL J Maverick 16, Neilson x 2015-04-28 Objects, models, buildings.
EGVA J Maverick 16 x 2015-03-29 Objects, models, buildings.
ICAO Who Airport layout Airport objects AI Network Start date .dat submitted Comments
EHGG Gijs x x x x x
EHAM Gijs x x x x x
EHLE Gijs x x x x x
EHVK Gijs x x x x x
EHEH Gijs x x x x x
EHKD Gijs x x x x x
EHTX Gijs x x x x x
EHAL Gijs x x x x x
EHRD Gijs x x x x x
EHLW Gijs x x x x x
ETAR J Maverick 16 2014-08-21 The air base need a full remodeling of aprons, taxiways, runways,...
FJDG J Maverick 16 x 2014-08-20 The Naval Air Facility layout is done, have to test it and then add some objects.
KCHO Catchatyou x 2010-12-05 The basic structure of the airport is almost complete, and once the airport is correctly modeled, I will be adding the parking lot, hangars...
KCVG Stinger20 x x 2014-04-040 Concourse A, B, C runways, terminals, concourses, roads
KDMA gral x 2010-02-10 2010-02-10 runways, taxiways
KDSM Cameron x x 2015-11-22 Start of construction with runways and taxiways. Planning also has future plans for terminals and modeling.
KDTW Fgoldbatch x 2011-03-30 Replacement of McNamara Terminal and addition of North Terminal
KHND Armchair Ace x Hangars and static aircraft added. Terminal still needed.
KSFO karla x 2010-08-06 2010-08-27 Terminal 2 fully remodelled; new day and night textures; new light masts; jetways included; actual T2 under reconstruction 2010; available as direct download (see forum) or on Git/Git
ICAO Who Airport layout Airport objects AI Network Start date .dat submitted Comments
LPLA J Maverick 16 2015-03-22 Buildings, boundaries, objects, tower position,...
LHPP sztamas6 x 2011-11-02 Changin generic taxiways to realistic ones. Adding paved and unpaved aprons. Moving tower position to actual location.
LIBV J Maverick 16 2014-09-06
LIDF bigstones x 2014-05-18 2014-05-18 Layout from OSM.
LIPA J Maverick 16 2014-08-02 Redone runway with shoulders, principal taxiways, added/edited aprons and jet parkings, windsocks, ILS and tower position, radio frequencies, added parking positions and custom ATC tower. To be done: air base layout, aprons. To do: signs, objects.
LIPX elgaton x 2013-12-16 2015-03-25 Redone from scratch using OSM data, only buildings are missing. RC2 release available on the forum and through the X-Plane Airport Gateway.
LIPR bigstones x 2014-04-25 2014-05-18 Layout from OSM.
LIPY bigstones x x 2014-04-06 2014-05-18 Layout from OSM, models converted from an FS scenery, with author consent (read more)
LSMA gral x 2010-04-12 2010-04-12 runways, taxiways, tower position, atc freqs
OMDB D-SKY1 x 2010-06-25 added AI traffic (UAE)
RPLL D-SKY1 x x 2009-12-03 2010-02-11 T1, T2, T3, Tower, AI ground network, AI traffic, ATC freqs. Todo: taxi- and runways redesign
SBBG Prestes x x 2009-12-26
SBPA Prestes x x 2009-12-28 Airport objects by George Luiz
SBPK Prestes x x 2010-01-31
SBRG Prestes x x 2010-01-31
SUMU Prestes x x 2010-01-31
UEST gral x 2010-01-10 2010-01-12 fixed taxiways and some minor issues
USSS mdanil x x 2017-11-07 2017-12-17 High-quality layout. Navaids done.
USSK mdanil x x 2017-12-30 2018-01-04 (same tile with USSS) Layout done. Navaids done.
USSL mdanil x x 2017-12-30 2018-01-04 (X-Plane ID: XUSSL) Layout done.
XSCD mdanil x x 2018-01-28 2018-01-29 (X-Plane ID: XUSCD) Layout done. Navaids done.
XSSU mdanil x x 2017-12-30 2018-01-04 (X-Plane ID: XUUSSU) Layout done. Navaids done.
VTBD D-SKY1 x x 2010-11-27 Work in progress
YSSY scotth1 x x x 2011-01-11 adjusted aprons, taxiways, moved windsocks, AI ground network submitted. very basic International terminal yet to be submitted, TODO: domestic terminal, cargo terminal
77S HHS x x 2014-08-19 added hangars, bushes, grass, trees, GA aircraft, cars, fuel pump. One hangar missing by accident, building beside fuel pump yet missing, ground wind rose yet missing, needs changes to some models due perfomance reasons, if time permits some of the buildings will be replaced by custom ones. Already available per TerraSync.
EGPH TheMightyPilot x x 2018-04
ULWU Volnikan x x 2020-07-08 The runway, lighting, taxiways, taxilines, grass and trees. Buildings will be in future.

Submit your wishes

If you wish to add an airport or think this or another airport needs a change you have to post in the forum (scenery enhancement). But first search the forum with the ICAO code of the airport and be sure that you have read all the posts about this airport. And please submit also some links to images and information you have about/from this airport.


1) "" is NOT "". The mpmap02 is hosted on another server and could reflect an older apt.dat.gz than the current one of the mapserver or of the Git server.

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