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For quite a while now, there has been regular ATC sessions at EDDF, hosted by the user Jomo who also acts as TC.

Considerations for users

Please only join the ATC training if you wish to participate and have at least basic knowledge of English and ATC procedures. Everybody - of course - is welcome to the sessions and the users are all willing to help a new user, but just flying around uncontrolled while people try to accomplish serious training, is not very polite.
During EDDF-ATC we communicate basically in English (and hopefully more and more over FGCOM!). On request (or when we deem it necessary) we can provide the basic ATC-Commands also in writing for: German, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, and hopefully soon for more and more languages! (Sorry: But you still have to reply in "something like English"!).
It is our major goal to train Pilots to use FGCOM (in English) and learn to follow basic Flying-Rules!
Please do not use Mpserver02, that server is overloaded most of the time and does not react fast enough for ATC-Controlling.
Never start-up on Runways! Set Startpos e.g. for EDDF in cmd-line or wizard: --parkpos= B42..48, or A10..25, etc. For all parkinglots available see the parking plan.

Initial procedure

When inbound EDDF: Please contact ATC from about 60 mi outside.
Maximum Speed below 10000 ft is 250 kts.
Maximum Taxi-Speed is 30 kts

ATC times

Currently, ATC at EDDF is available on
Wednesday,Friday, Saturday and Sunday
From 17:00 - 21:00 UTC (DST does NOT apply)

References / more information

More Airports regularly providing ATC