Airbus A320neo

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Airbus A320neo
Airbus A320 jetBlue.png
Type Narrow-body Airliner
Author(s) Jon Ortuondo, Malik Guest, Narendran Muraleedharan
--aircraft= A319neo, A320neo, A210neo
Status Release v4.0
 Repository The development repository of the Airbus A320neo.
Download Download the Airbus A320neo aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).
Improved A320neo interior
Improved A320neo exterior

The Airbus A320neo is a series of enhanced versions of A320 family under development by Airbus. The letters "neo" stand for "New Engine Option". The main change is the use of the larger and more efficient engines which results in 15% less fuel consumption, 8% lower operating costs, less noise production and a reduction of NOx by at least 10% compared to the A320 series according to Airbus. Customers will have a choice of either the CFM International LEAP-X or the Pratt & Whitney PW1000G. The airframe will also receive some modifications, including the addition of "Sharklet" wingtips to reduce drag and interiour modifications for the passengers comfort such as larger luggage spaces and an improved air purification system.

Initially derived from Skyop's A320-family project, the Airbus A320neo for FlightGear is a new fully updated version, wich aims to provide a real aircraft flying experience.

Aircraft of the Month

Aircraft of the Month - Airbus A320 Family/NEO


  • New CFM-LeapX Engines
  • Updated A320 Fuselage
  • Realistic Engine File
  • Aircraft Fuel Efficiency Improved by 16%
  • Updated Model
  • Some Existing model enhancements


  • A319neo: Airbus A319-neo with CFM Leap-X engines
  • A320neo: Airbus A320-neo with CFM Leap-X engines
  • A321neo: Airbus A321-neo with CFM Leap-X engines

P&W engines variants to be added.

Development status


  • New 3 JSBsim FDM for all 3 variant [OK]
  • New PAX, 3 Cargos, Fuel Tank & Engines mass points [OK]
  • Ground effect [OK]
  • Rudder Bug Fixed [OK]
  • Excessive Fuel consumption [BUG - to be fixed]

Aircraft Model

  • vertical and horizontal stab animations [OK]
  • Aileron animations [OK]
  • Speed Brake animations [OK]
  • Lift Dumpers animations [OK]
  • Flaps animations [OK]
  • Slats animations [OK]
  • Reversors animations [OK]
  • livery selection [Works over MP][OK]
  • gear flex [OK]
  • Tire smoke [OK]
  • Contrails [OK]
  • Pushback [BUG (DOES NOT WORK)]
  • windows in 3d model [OK]
  • "Real" Night window ilumination [OK]
  • logo lights [OK]
  • New Livery textures [OK]
  • Animated jetway capable [OK]


  • Full new Fuel system [OK] (5 tanks, 2 ventilation tanks and 2 engines feeding pipes. Jettison valve to ve added (just switch)
  • Full new Autopilot [OK]
  • Electrical system [OK]
  • Autobrake/speedbrake system [OK]
  • ECAM - faults system [ToDo]
  • Fly By Wire [ToDo]
  • Flight Envelope [ToDo]

3D Cockpit & Instruments

  • New EFIS Displays [OK]
  • New Navigation Display [Usable: Work In Progress] some missing pages
  • New Upper ECAM Display [OK]
  • New bottom ECAM Display [Usable: Work In Progress] some missing data
  • ECAM Shitches [OK]

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