Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

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Bell Boeing V22 Osprey
Type Helicopter
Author(s) Emmanuel Baranger(3D), Maik Justus(FDM)
--aircraft= v22
Status alpha
Download Download the Bell Boeing V22 Osprey aircraft package for the current stable release (2018.2).

The V22 Osprey is not a plane, nor a helicopter: it is a tiltrotor aircraft, so it's both!

Aircraft help

Key Function
} Start engines
{ Stop engines
m Tilt rotors forward by 10 degrees
M Tilt rotors afterward by 10 degrees
Alt + M Tilt rotors vertical
n Unfold wing
N Fold wing
The V22 with folded wings.
  • The tilt range is -10deg .. 0deg (vertical) .. 90deg (horitzontal)
  • The allowed tilt range is a function of the aircraft's speed.
  • The flight computer limits the actual tilt to this range.
  • Therefore you can lift of with vertical rotors and accelerate like a helicopter.
  • The computer will increase the tilt with increasing airspeed.
  • For faster acceleration set the tilt to the maximum.
  • The Osprey can hover within a range of -10deg to 30deg.
  • You can set the tilt to horizontal/90deg on ground. Due to the lack of speed the tilt is limited to 30deg max.

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