General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon

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General Dynamics F16
General Dynamics F16.jpg
Type Military aircraft
Author(s) Erik Hofman, Martin "Pegasus" Schmitt (panel textures)
--aircraft= f16
Status Production
A full spherical panorama of the f-16 cockpit

Keyboard Controls

Flight Controls

Ctrl-b : Toggles speed brake
Delete : Toggles FBW (Fly by Wire) override


Ctrl-f : Triggers flare release
Ctrl-h : Toggles arrester hook
C : Toggles canopy
e : Fires the cannon


Ctrl-n : Toggles Radar RWS / TWS AUTO Modes
E : Decreases Radar Range
R : Increases Radar Range
q : Toggles Radar Standby Mode

Development status/Issues/Todo

Issues to be fixed shortly:

  • The first time the user change the view (ie. by hiting "v") there is a 10/15 seconds pause.
    • This seems to be due to the liveries textures. Removing the Livery choice and all associated entry in the -set file doesn't change the delay. Then reducing and flatening (remove alpha channel) the main texture f16.rgb from 2048 to 1024 px reduce the delay to 6/7 sec, then flatening the transparent logo texture f16-trans.rgb reduce the delay to 3/sec.
    • Solution: switch to PNG textures, remove transparency on logos or even remove logos. Use a different mapping layout with 4 x 1024^2 textures instead of 1 x 2048^2 texture. Optimize surface usage in the textures, flaten textures as much as possible. (see much more complicated and detailled f-14b which doesn't suffer delay)


  • Main U/C is above ground.
  • Vibration when accelerating on the runway for takeof.

TDL Outside

  • flaps are in wrong position and can't be triggered.
    • that's because the f16 is flight computer controlled, so this is correct and NOT an error. (this to be moved in flight documentation)
  • pilot's shoulder patch is empty. (remove ?)
  • engine turbines do not rotate (is it useful ?)

TDL Cockpit and systems:

  • HSI 3d model and textures.
  • internal/external lighting panel.
  • FMD's buttons pick animation. Define a logic in the FMD interactivity ?
  • ICP better texture. buttons pick animation. Define a logic in the ICP interactivity ?
  • HUD modes:
    • A/A mode
    • Basic nav mode (those could be a first step in order to provide usability in short term)

Sounds: (Low priority)

  • Establish a list of all sounds that can be produced by the F-16 and its driver:


    • switches
    • knobs
    • levers
    • buttons
    • wheels (ICP)
    • rudder pedals
    • ejection seat
    • canopy **implemented**
    • canopy lock **implemented**


    • "bitching betty"
      • missile launch
      • warning **implemented**
      • chaff/flare
      • jammer
    • RWR
      • radar signature identification sounds
        • radar spike
        • radar lock
    • gear horn (currently implemented as alert?)


    • breathing
    • movement
    • brevity comms


    • engine **implemented**
    • landing gear
      • up
      • down
      • broken
    • ordnance
      • jettison store(s)
      • bomb drop
      • missile launch
      • 20mm cannon **implemented**
    • damage
      • airframe overstress
      • gun hit
      • explosion
    • Mid air refueling
      • refueling door
        • open
        • close
      • tank boom (tanker aircraft)
        • connect
        • disconnect

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