FlightGear Newsletter October 2010

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Welcome to the FlightGear Newsletter!
Please help us write the next edition!
Enjoy reading the latest edition!

We would like to emphasize that the monthly newsletter can not live without the contributions of FlightGear users and developers. Everyone with a wiki account (free to register) can edit the newsletter and every contribution is welcome. So if you know about any FlightGear related projects such as for example updated scenery or aircraft, please do feel invited to add such news to the newsletter.

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The OpenRadar project is looking for a new maintainer.

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Boeing 747-400

The Boeing 747-400 has seen some extensive developments going on over the past month. Some of the latest developments include:

  • EICAS pages
  • Eletrical system
  • Sounds, recorded in reallife situations from a real 747


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And finally ...

FAA adopts "line-up and wait"

The US based aviation agency FAA adopted the ICAO standard for ATC clearances to enter the runway. The command "(taxi into) position and hold" is replaced with "line-up and wait" now - which was already used at most non-US airports. FlightGear pilots and controllers are requested to bring this change in practice.

Read the official announcements at the FAA website.

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