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Cquote1.png There is a lot of coordination and communication going on between most "core developers".

Just a little bit of this is visible as we sometimes meet face-to-face and much more often voice or video-chat.

— Torsten (Sat Jan 10). Re: New Canvas GUI.
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Cquote1.png some of the core developers hold a weekly google

hangout session to discuss these and many other topics. (This
communication mechanism has technological scaling issues so it's not yet
been widely advertised. We are trying this out and moving forward one step
at a time.)

Cquote1.png It's just people talking about what they are currently developing and

what's going on. No different from the IRC channel except via video.

Cquote1.png I and some fellow FlightGear developers have been having a weekly get

together using 'google hangouts'. The focus is mostly (but not
exclusively) FlightGear and what we have been working on. We will often
discuss issues and bugs and how much progress we have made with fixing
them, or where we have become stuck and are looking for new ideas. We
sometimes discuss thoughts about future directions. Often we'll spend some
time just chit chatting about life and getting to know each other a bit
more. It has been a good place to bounce ideas off each other and get some

— Curtis Olson (2015-02-24). [Flightgear-devel] Weekly hangouts.
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Cquote1.png We would like to open this up a bit and invite some more developers to join

us when they can. If you would like to join in, please email me offline.
The main constraint is that there is a limit to the number of people we can
add to a google hangout so we can't make this completely open-ended. If
there is a lot of interest I may need to make some fairly arbitrary choices.

This is something we began doing recently (kind of an outgrowth of the face
to face time many developers enjoyed at FSWeekend) and we are feeling our
way forward little by little. For myself personally, I think a weekly get
together had been productive and valuable and there have been a couple
critical issues we've managed to solve by putting our heads together.

— Curtis Olson (2015-02-24). [Flightgear-devel] Weekly hangouts.
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Cquote1.png The weekly time is Sunday at 19:00 UTC. We typically try to keep the

hangout about an hour long. Some weeks it has run longer, some weeks we
finish up sooner. We may skip a week from time to time for various
reasons. We are using 'google hangouts' to communicate (video+audio.) Our
next hangout is scheduled for Sunday March 1st at 1900 UTC.

If you think you'd like to join in, please send me an email and we can go
from there.



— Curtis Olson (2015-02-24). [Flightgear-devel] Weekly hangouts.
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the hangout - this is an informal discussion that includes non-FG related talk. No major decisions are made there. But it can help clarify problems, solutions, who will tackle what, etc. If anything interesting comes up, it is communicated on the devel mailing list. Anyway, it is often quite productive to talk about the fine details of development face-to-face rather than on a mailing list or forum where "communication confusion", time delays, language barriers, etc. are often an issue.[1]

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