WS3.0 Performance Testing

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This page is intended to collect data on users' systems to build a picture of what key properties are impacting performance with World Scenery 3.0.

For testing consistency, please use the following settings:

  • UFO aircraft (to avoid the image of aircraft, Nasal etc)
  • Use PNG WS3.0 scenery around KSFO
  • osm2city building switched disabled (Terrasync contains some older version of osm2city buildings that have high occupancy and load time)
  • Take-off from KSFO on heading 135 degrees at 3000ft and 1500 knots. This will take you over some of the built-up area of the Bay and then into the countryside.

Database Pager Threads

/sim/rendering/database-pager/threads controls the number of threads that are used to load models and scenery. Most systems have multi-core processors, which having a larger number of threads can take advantage of. However, if the number of threads is too high, the system may become bottlenecked on I/O and swapping threads in and out.

The default setting is 4. Please record observations below.

/sim/rendering/database-pager/threads observations
User CPU CPU Cores Memory (GB) GPU Observations
stuart Intel i7-4770 4 16 NVidia GeForce GTX1660 threads=2 - Obvious missing tiles.

threads=4 - some lag in loading tiles and stuttering

threads=8 - lag only around San Franscisco where there are a lot of roads. No problem in the countryside

threads=16 - No noticeably better than 8

SP-NTX Intel I5-6400 4 8 NVidia GeForce GTX960 threads=2 - Missing tiles, everything else was good till RAM was fully taken and system crashed

threads=4 - Lags, high RAM usage, no missing tiles, also crashed after 2 minutes

threads=8 -

threads=16 -

vanosten i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GH 4 cores 32 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB/PCIe/SSE2 In general: ca. 2.3 GB RAM used, GPU 70-98%, no carshes after 10 minutes, 50-60 fps, Windows 10

next as per 2023-02-26, build-id: 4642

threads=2 - no missing tiles, some shuttering

threads=4, 8, 16: clearly improved over 2, but hard to tell any improvements afterwards. Most "annoying"/visible are change of land-use from default to urban or agriculture. At some point when flying at 1500 kt vegetation cannot keep up and sometimes falls behind cockpit.

Even with pagedLOD=1200 and threads=16 no problems after 10 minutes, just increase of RAM usage to ca. 7 GB.