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06/2010 Flight College Feedback

Ac001: I think this is an impressive piece of work you are doing here, I would encourage you to directly start a new section/portal named "flight college" (or something similar), maybe with a place to allow users to file requests for new tutorials/topics. Also, your idea of directly supporting translations by having compact and identical contents that can be easily translated seems pretty good, too. In the long run, you might even want to consider having your own dedicated subforums at specifically for getting feedback and contributors specific to your flight college (e.g. "Flight College").

Having such forums could be a good way forward to get useful feedback immediately.

Also, it might be worthwhile to determine how FlightGear's existing tutorial system could possibly be at some point leveraged to provide support for these types of "flight college" tutorials, so that such tutorials could be directly integrated and run in FlightGear eventually. This would have many advantages, such as being able to interactively control FlightGear and use its features to visualize important concepts.

Similarly, it would be possible to dynamically animate an HSI to visualize the underlying concepts of loc/ILS approaches.

While it is at the moment relatively "undocumented" or at least "under-used", the FlightGear tutorial system is already pretty flexible because it is mostly XML and Nasal driven, so it should be possible to implement flight college tutorials with this tutorial system. You might want to take a look at: for additional details.

Depending on the scope and nature of the flight college lessons that you envision, many such tutorials could probably already be implemented using the interactive tutorial system.

If there are areas that cannot yet be covered using the existing interactive tutorial system, it would probably be worthwhile to identify these and write them down for planning future enhancements to the tutorial system.

--MILSTD 12:08, 4 June 2010 (UTC)