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For testing and drafts

SU-37 Variant

modified from F-14.....

Keyboard controls

Flight controls

Home Take-off: sets 250kts as the target speed in auto-pilot, engages speed-with-throttle, takes the brakes OFF & sets flaps to 20%.
PgUp Climb-out: sets 600kts as the target speed in auto-pilot, engages speed-with-throttle, sets flaps to 0%.
PgDn Approach: sets 200kts as the target speed in auto-pilot, engages speed-with-throttle.
End Landing: sets 130kts as the target speed in auto-pilot, engages speed-with-throttle, puts the brakes ON & sets flaps to 60%. Will also lower arrester-hook if an aircraft carrier is within 10nm.

] Lower flaps
[ Raise flaps
Space Toggle speed brakes
c Canopy toggle
l Landing light toggle

Automatic flight controls

Ctrl+a Toggle autopilot altitude mode: sets current altitude in AP
Ctrl+h Toggle autopilot heading mode: sets current heading in AP
Ctrl+s Toggle autopilot Speed lock: sets current speed in AP
* Cut power and AP: also applies all brakes
+ Set AP to current values (speed, heading and altitude)

HSD - radar and RWR

h Cycles through HSD modes: radar - compas - ECM (RWR)
Shift+e Decrease Radar Range
Shift+r Increase Radar Range
Ctrl+q Toggles Radar Standby Mode. In standby mode the radar doesn't emit and the "STAND BY" words are displayed on the HSD screen when in TID mode.

Carrier operations

See also Howto:Carrier and Carrier over MP

Shift+o Lower the hook
o Raise the hook
Shift+l Engage launch bar (keep holding until engaged)
Shift+c Release catapult


Ctrl+w Cycle through master arm switch modes (see master arm switch in cockpit).
w Cycle Stick Weapon Mode Selector (see Weapon Mode knob selector on side of joystick in cockpit). Four positions: Off, Gun, SW, SP-PH.
Ctrl+m Toggle AIM-9 selection (must have at least one AIM-9 loaded through Tomcat Controls/Fuel & Stores menu)
e Trigger M61A1 Vulcan gun or AIM-9 missiles (depending on stick weapon mode selection)