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Location Strasbourg, France

Current projects:

Goal Progress Comments
Model 60}% completed Details, retexturing
3D panel 60}% completed Bottom of the panel, texturing
FDM 50}% completed Check numbers against poh
Systems 60}% completed Electrical system

  • Enhance the scenery for east of France (Alsace) by adding models (not changing the landscape)
Goal Progress Comments
LFGA - Colmar Houssen 70}% completed Need to build a few more buildings
LFST - Strasbourg Entzheim 30}% completed Need to rework the old models
LFSH - Haguenau 10}% completed Need to rework the old models
Strasbourg 30}% completed Need to rework the old models
Upper Rhine 60}% completed
Alsace 30}% completed Obstructions, etc.

Past projects:

  • Eye candy for flightgear (pre 2.0) : 3d clouds, volumetric shadows, rain and lightnings, haze effect, etc.
  • Cessna 150
  • Adding sound, light and animations to AI aircrafts
  • Adding load on demand scenarios that can be used to enhance local airports
  • Play with effects / shaders