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FlightGear aircraft & scenery developer.

I'm in FlightGear since 2020.

My projects

I'm actually working on

  • New 3D model for 737-400
  • Translating & Updating fgwiki
  • Creating High Quality Liveries & 3D models

and some another projects

My favourite Aircrafts

  • MD-11
  • Concorde
  • Space Shuttle
  • Boeing 737-800 and MAX 8
  • Boeing 747(-400)
  • Boeing 757
  • Airbus A320
  • Boeing 787
  • Embraer E-Jets
  • F16

For the beginning developers :D

Im writing that not as tutorial, just based on my small experience. First of all, if you are in this moment, while you know, that you need to do something for FG, welcome, now you need to choose what to do, and you will be good at this. Now, what you want to do? Liveries? Aircrafts? Scenery? or maybe Addons? I know, it's hard thing to choose. I suggest to start with Liveries if you never touched anything in the FG 'backend'. Ok so download GIMP and find the aircraft folder, try to find the paintkit, and play with it. No, there is no any good tutorial for liveries on FGwiki, so try to find something on FGforum. You should read few GIMP tutorials. Then export it to the liveries folder, copy another livery xml and edit it to make it work for your livery. And it should be easy. Your first livery is not going to look amazing, it will probably be bad, but, do the next one, and next one, and then your liveries will look amazing. If you think it's not for you, no problem, but other things will be harder. For aircrafts and scenery you will need to learn 3D modelling, and no one is going to write tutorial for 3d modelling here, so open youtube and write '3D modelling tutorial for Blender' or other 3D modelling apps. then read some things about modelling on the FGwiki, but it will not make you get new skills... Ok if you think the modelling is not for you, congratulations, it was good choice, then try programming. No, im not talking about the FG Core or addons, it's like trying to fly Space Shuttle, when you flew only Gliders ;). Start with simple Nasal scripts, here i'm giving you what you should read first. YES I KNOW IT'S LOOKING SO BAD BUT TRY IT AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND (F10 menu>Debug>Nasal Console). Ok before i will add a lot of links here i want to say few things. Maybe, but only maybe, it's better to start with Canvas... - read this but it will not give you anything - it also will not give you anything - ok, this may be useful, try to read the code after reading text - this is really, really important imo, look at the "Simple examples" - and this is hard, even for me, but a lot of nice informations, should be easy to understand - its little harder, but very important - And remember those thing '~' for adding strings to each other, you will need this someday.

And, for now, that's all. Later when i will have little more time i will create github repo with nice examples for those.

Ok now you can start programming simple things, try to make the simple kts2mph converter.

# Ok, lets start our code.
var loop func() { # Looks bad, but, look, its easy, its our main loop start
var ktsSpd = getprop("/"); # Im naming this variable ktsSpd, then im setting it to the property.
var mphSpd = (ktsSpd*1.15077945);   # wait, where i get 1.15077945? 1 kts is 1.15077945 MPH
print(mphSpd); # i have nothing else to do with it than just printing it to console
} # Ok, this ends the loop
timer_loop = maketimer(0.25, loop); # i send link about Nasal_Loops, didn't I?
timer_loop.start(); # start the timer

Ok so you tested my code? i wrote it in few minutes, and why i said in comment about the Nasal loops article? because i forgot how to do that, so i checked. No, you are not going to remember everything, you can always go back to those links. What you can do next? Do something cool! It will make new things easier to remember, you don't have ideas? me too... But you can do even something stupid! Did you looked at the Nasal_Hello_Word atricle? I remember that there was code for popup message, maybe, when the property changes (here you can use setlistener , Nasal_Loops, gears/gear[]/wow) i mean, when you take off, make something like: You are taking off, and there will be message: Goog flight!? Yes this is stupid, but you will learn how to: Make loop, set setlistener(), finding property, making GUI popup, and why to not forget about ';' on end of the line. Isn't it nice? Code for that will be available on my github repo comeday, i will give link :-), but try to do this yourself. Do some other things, for example, automatic gear retraction and extending while alt > or < than some value. Code for that will be available too someday. Ok, so, you know basics of nasal, amazing, i hope you will like it. Ok so what now? Try Canvas, i started with it, thats why i said that before. Canvas is hard, its not easy thing, i will not give links this time, just read everything what you think it will be useful, also, check this even if it's boring. After reading all that text, i just want to say you, thank you, you probably learned something new, from other point of view. I wasn't planning to make it as long, but, it's going to be extended later. Now i'm going to make tutorial about making addons, because i can't make tutorial for everything on this page. To be extended