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Hi there,

I'm a fan of Flight Gear and have joined the Wiki to tidy things up as I come across them. If I don't fix them then and there on the spot, they'll go into the list below.


Ranguli (talk) 10:30, 20 August 2020 (EDT)

Small Projects


  1. 100}% completed Update the article on the AC3D_file_format
  2. 100}% completed Mark FG_Interface_schematics_and_PCBs incomplete
  3. 100}% completed Mark Deperdussin_Monocoque as stub
  4. 100}% completed Mark Schleicher_ASK_13 as stub
  5. 100}% completed Cleanup Technik_Museum_Speyer
  6. 100}% completed Cleanup ATR_72-500
  7. 100}% completed Cleanup Blender
  8. 70}% completed Cleanup AC3D needs software infobox
  9. 50}% completed Cleanup of Flying_Warbirds
  10. 50}% completed Cleanup Altitude
  11. 10}% completed Flesh out QNH
  12. 0}% completed Mark KFreeFlight as abandoned/old
  13. 0}% completed Cleanup of Flight_rules
  14. 0}% completed Cleanup Aircraft_information_resources
  15. 0}% completed Cleanup Avionics_Development_Resources
  16. 0}% completed Cleanup Aircraft_Manuals
  17. 0}% completed SVG fix quote syntax
  18. 0}% completed Kelpie_Flight_Planner needs software infobox

Screenshot Improvements

Quite a number of articles have screenshots which are 10 years old or more! While their historical staying power is impressive, their lower resolution and old graphics don't quite live up to modern expectations. Here are some articles I intend to take better screenshots for:

  1. 0}% completed Flying_Warbirds

Larger Projects

  1. 50}% completed Howto:Working_with_the_AC3D_file_format_in_Blender This article needs new sections about exporting, saving, caveats, etc.
  2. 0}% completed User:Ranguli/List of file formats This article needs a good deal of cleanup, but could also be a ton of work depending on how far I'd want to take documenting file formats used by FlightGear.
  3. 0}% completed Howto:Edit_a_livery unfortunately this article is really a "How to draw an owl" type of tutorial, and was of no use to me while trying to learn how to work with liveries. Once I get a better understanding of the concepts personally I'd like to redo this from the ground up.
  4. FlightGear Academy articles that need heavy reformatting:
    1. 100}% completed Normal_Landing
    2. 0}% completed Emergency_Approach
    3. 0}% completed Emergency_Descent
    4. 0}% completed S-Turns
    5. 0}% completed Go_Around
    6. 0}% completed Rectangular_Course
    7. 0}% completed Turns_About_a_Point
    8. 0}% completed Take_Off
    9. 0}% completed Stalls_and_Spin_Awareness
    10. 0}% completed Soft_Field_Landing
    11. 0}% completed Slow_Flight_(Minimum_Controllable_Airspeed)
    12. 0}% completed Short_Field_Landing
  5. 0}% completed JSBSim_Commander add software infobox and mark as abandoned
  6. 0}% completed Conversion add some tables, formulas, rename to Aeronautical conversions
  7. 0}% completed Airports.txt
  8. 0}% completed Howto:Create_WebPanel_instrument

Other notes

  1. Chinook Operators Checklist TM 1-1520-240-CL
  2. Incredibly useful, Chinook CH-47D manual: Chinook Operators Manual TM 1-1520-240-10
  3. Chinook Maintenance Test Flight Manual TM 1-1520-240-MTF