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These are notes for myself for when or if I reacquire an interest in FlightGear reminding me what problems I was having with this program.

I am abandoning this project. KMYR doesn't have any STAR or SID procedures. FG's navigation dialogs makes a good flightplan so I really see no use for creating procedures.
A method of creating STARs and SIDs seems to require one of: a standalone app or a tab on FG's start page. Both of which I have neither the interest to invest a lot of time creating or the C/C++/Nasal programming skills required to do it.
Not finding any free SID/STAR files for airports, I have decided to learn how to create my own.
The information shown here is gleaned from examining files found on the Internet, files found in airport files of FlightGear, ?
Since I am not copying exact files nor have I agreed to anything prohibiting me from documenting this, I am not in any violation of copyright laws.

Steps to create and add permanent objects to FlightGear's scenery:
Use TerraMaster to download the latest scenery for the selected area. Or start FlightGear and set aircraft's starting location to that area and allow TerraSync to do it.
WED sucks. When validating an airport, it gripes about not being able to find files for objects that seem to be sourced from X-Plane's files and are not in FlightGear's /data directory. Even if I had those files, what good would they do me for using with FlightGear?
Use QGIS for landscape scenery. Have fun figuring out how to use it with geophotos: different file types, different databases, etc. Ah!
Lots of links on lots of FlightGear wiki pages don't work. Obsolete and/or moved websites/webpages. IDK enough about a lot of this to make intelligent changes to the wiki pages yet.

Since FG has a problem with my joystick and I can't play without it, I'm gonna take another extended break from FlightGear. I've made some changes that I hope helps FG. Time to go do other things.