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I'm Chris, I live near Berlin-Germany and I love to fly, at least virtually! :) Since I can't afford flying in real life, I use simulators. Since I gave up my C64, where I came in contact with A.C.E (where my fascination for aviation began), I've had a long time without flying. Then followed a period of MS FLightSimulator 1, I believe, and now, another long time later, I'm stuck on Flight Gear. I like FG a lot. Not only because it's a nicely done simulator, but also because it's free software. Since I never had any lessons in flying or procedures, I call myself a crashpilot ;-) . I try to help as much and as often as I can in the forums, but I believe I'm best at cooking coffee for the pro's! :) Thats what I mostly do, bring the new ones to post the important data so the pro's don't have to spend their time typing all the same all day :) Here and there I was able to help with some finer knowledge, thats what makes me feel quite good, when I'm really able to help.

Additionally I'm involved in FGo!'s german translations and spamming its author with my ideas ;-) The newest project was testing how FGo! works on other platforms than Linux. Since I have no MacOs available, some User-experience would be nice to be added to the Wiki-Page. Volunteers welcome!!!

In real life I'm a musician with mediocre success :) No big label deals or chart positions but otherwise a lot of fun and quite some happy audiences... check out my MySpace-Page

I'm a GNU/Linux-Fan and of course a Free Software fan. That's why I changed to Linux some years ago. I wouldn't say I'm a pro on Linux, but I know my way around and with help of I can solve most of the problems I'm facing, when I'm deep in the jungle of .confs and deamons. I love it!

So, I don't know much more to say about me except:

I wish you a good time on the ground an in the air! Have fun!