Urpay Airfield

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Urpay Airfield
Urpay overview
Urpay overview
Type Public
City Chagual, Pataz - Sierra de la Libertad, Peru
Runway Length Material
13/31 960 x 14 m unpaved
Scenery tile w080s10
TerraSync n.a.

Urpay Airfield is situated about 37nm from Chagual Airport. The approach is a little tricky because often there are clouds covering the airfield in dense mist.

Flying at Urpay


  • RWY 13 Direction 126° unpaved
  • RWY 31 Direction 306° unpaved
  • RWY Dimension 960x14m/3.140x45ft
  • Elevation 2.650m/8.690ft MSL
  • Start-up position on the apron: Start


  • TRU TRUJILLO 116.30MHz 079°/88.7nm
  • BTE CHIMBOTE 112.50MHZ 031°/95.8nm
  • MAR CAJAMARCA 300.00MHz 309°/63.6nm
  • ATA ANTA-HUARAZ 415.00MHz 179°/92.8nm



  • UTA 128.1, 128.8, 128.5 MHz Centro de Control de Área de Lima [above FL245]
  • CTA 128.1, 128.8 MHZ Lima ACC [MEA until FL245]
  • TMA 119.7 MHz Control de Aproximación
  • ATZ 118.1 MHz Torre de Control

Nearby Airports

High Altitude Operation

  • Choose an aircraft wich allows a service ceiling more than 10.000 ft like the PC-6, B200 or AeroStar700
  • Reduce the fuel to a minimum
  • Reduce your load, every 10% under the gross weight increase the performance about 20%
  • Choose flaps for take-off depending on the maximum deflection of the aileron. Not much more.
  • Pre-lean your engine and give a bit of throttle to get the engine started
  • Check your indicated airspeed again and again


Urpay airport topview

In TerraSync this airport not exist (status 01/2016). You have to download a custom scenery.

Scenery Add-on

A custom FGscenery_Chagual package is available for download. This Scenery add-on contains airport data, airport layouts, airport buildings and more which are not available via Terrasync. Note: to use the start-up positions in-sim, select your starting position via the [Location -> Select Airport] menu. Type in the name of the parking position, press enter (important!). Then select [Go To Airport].

Always get the newest development version automatically: Download the FGscenery_Chagual.zip


  • All airfields of the Province of Pataz included
  • Sloped runways at all airfields
  • Detailed, phototextured and handcolored 3D models of buildings
  • fully Rembrandt compatible
  • Challenging take-offs, approaches and cloud flying