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This Page describes a template for prototype projects The template can be found below, but it is not yet a Mediawiki template. This talk page is a copy of a previous page I built when I did not know what a Mediawiki Template really was.

The template as is is just an example of what I want to produce for the C172P cockpit project's prototyping projects. I'm open to comments on this as I haven't completed one yet. I'm starting today. The breadboards are out.

This page contains templates you can use for a wiki page describing a working prototype for some aspect of a flight simulator's hardware.

Using the Prototyping Project Template

To use the template, click the edit tab and copy the template you want to use to your personal talk page. Do most of your writing there.

Name your Prototyping Project page something like [[Howto:Build your own Panel or Cockpit - Prototype for {PrototypeName} ]]

in {PrototypeName} only include the following elements

  • Where or How the prototype may be used in the Simulator
  • Only include the name of the aircraft if the prototype applies solely to that type of aircraft.
  • Only include a Manufacturer and Part number if the part is the primary item being tested.

Take lots of pictures and include any that illustrate the construction or testing of the prototype. Suggested items include circuit diagrams, wiring diagrams, CAD Program Drawings, URLs for online resources used in the prototype. These might be chip vendor's Datasheets and Application Notes, Online CAD resources

You can suggest new prototyping projects in the list of possible prototypes in Howto:Build your own Panel or Cockpit - Prototyping without providing details. In the same list, you can also mention prototyping projects still under development with a link to your personal talk page

Creating a new Prototype Template

Currently we have just one prototype template. Its for a prototyping project using Raspberry Pi running NodeJS and connected to a breadboard. You can use it for projects running on other platform by just substituting your details. You can also create additional templates if you need a different way of organizing information for your prototypes. For example, prototyping the physical linkages between pilot and co-pilot yokes and pedals.

Last but not least -- The Templates

Raspberry Pi with Breadboard Template:

{PrototypeName} Template:

{PrototypeName} Prototyping Goals {PrototypeName} Parts List

1 Raspberry Pi
1 Raspberry Pi Breadboard Connector
1 Breadboard & Jumper Wires
qty description
qty description
qty description

{PrototypeName} Software

  • NodeJS
  • MyDeviceTest.js

{PrototypeName} Construction {PrototypeName} Tests & Results

Description of a test that passes
Description of a test that does not pass
Description of a test that has yet to be done