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The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.
Screenshot showing the Minimal Startup Profile in action


This template can be used for maintaining startup profiles (as per Fgfsrc) for better troubleshooting/benchmarking, i.e. for coming up with reproducible test-cases that test well-defined, and restricted, subsets of FlightGear functionality/features, so that conclusions concerning performance (CPU/GPU) and resource utilization (RAM, VRAM) can be drawn.

Adding this template to a page in the article namespace will ....


  • name (defaults to minimal)
  • version (e.g. 3.2)


Add this to the top of the page:

{{Startup Profile|name=minimal|version=3.2}}


Note  The following FlightGear startup profile assumes that you have a $FG_ROOT environment variable set up, or that you are explicitly setting fg-root using the --fg-root command line argument, this startup profile is intended to be put into your Fgfsrc file or to be used when starting FlightGear from the command line.

For FlightGear 2020.3 LTS and later versions: you can simply copy and paste the profile in Flightgear Qt launcher > Settings tab > Additional Settings .

This is a minimum startup profile. After using it, you can turn up settings one by one as performance allows - and observe your performance bottlenecks. See Hardware recommendations for discussion of performance bottlenecks.

The profile listed below is

  • name: minimal
  • version: 3.2
  • description: n/a
# --ignore-autosave # uncomment this for FlightGear versions >= 2.99
# --disable-textures