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There are a couple of key activities ahead of the weekend in 2020.

Getting started

So we can hit the ground running, we really want everyone participating to already have:

  • SourceForge credentials
  • A working build environment with OSG, PLIB etc.
  • A Git checkout of simgear/flightgear (cf. FlightGear_Git)
  • A Git checkout of fgdata
  • Some experience with Git :)

At the very least you should be able to work with a nightly version of FlightGear.

James and Stuart will pull together (and improve) the wiki resources to make this easier.

Ideally, we would have a couple of weeks upfront to identify articles that would be useful to provide rough guidance, either to update these or rewrite/merge them with other articles.

Candidate articles are being put into the dedicated Hackathon Materials category.

If we can agree on a set of articles that seem useful (to walk people through the process of patching FlightGear to add self-contained functionality), it might make sense to reach out to the community to help with reviewing/proof reading and possibly translate such articles. Also, encouraging people to contribute artworks might be a good idea (screen shots, images, diagrams, drawings etc).


Being completely remote, we need the ability to collaborate in teams as well as video conference as a group.

There will be a Mattermost server for the weekend. We'll be using that for organization, discussion and collaboration.

We'll be using a Jitsi Server for video conferencing and demos.

To use the server, please start the Jitsi calls from within Mattermost (click on that power plug symbol in the top bar next to the search). Preferably use an app or Chrome/Chromium.


The core of the Hackathon! These are the projects, idea and problems that participants will be working on during the weekend. In the weeks before the hackathon itself, participants can, and should, propose things to work on. Simply create a wiki page describing your idea, and encourage people to contribute and get interested.

Simply use the {{Hackathon Proposal}} template and your idea will magically appear on the Hackathon 2020 Ideas category page.

You can also take a look at proposals from the previous year. (link magic here)

Not got an idea? No problem! Have a look at the ideas above, leave a comment on the Discussion page, and add yourself as an Interested Party for those you might consider working on during the Hackathon. There is no commitment until Friday evening.


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