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Craft types

The following tables show the special values for the type parameter. To extend these lists, both the {{craft type}} template and {{craft type/doc}} documentation template need to be updated. Translations of the link text are supported.


This is for the Category:Aircraft by type subcategory of Category:Aircraft.

Parameter value Link text Appended categories
AWACS aircraft AWACS aircraft Category:AWACS aircraft
Aerial firefighting aircraft Aerial firefighting aircraft Category:Aerial firefighting aircraft
Aerobatic aircraft Aerobatic aircraft Category:Aerobatic aircraft
Aerostat Aerostat Category:Aerostat
Agricultural aircraft Agricultural aircraft Category:Agricultural aircraft
Airliner Airliners Category:Airliners
Airship Airships Category:Airships
Amphibious helicopter Amphibious helicopters Category:Amphibious helicopters
Attack aircraft Attack aircraft Category:Attack aircraft
Autogyro Autogyros Category:Autogyros
Balloon Balloons Category:Balloons
Bomber aircraft Bomber aircraft Category:Bomber aircraft
Business aircraft Business aircraft Category:Business aircraft
Business jet Business jet Category:Business jet
Cargo aircraft Cargo aircraft Category:Cargo aircraft
Carrier-based aircraft Carrier-based aircraft Category:Carrier-based aircraft
Civil aircraft Civil aircraft Category:Civil aircraft
Civil trainer aircraft Civil trainer aircraft Category:Civil trainer aircraft
Civil utility aircraft Civil utility aircraft Category:Civil utility aircraft
Experimental aircraft Experimental aircraft Category:Experimental aircraft
Fictional aircraft Fictional aircraft Category:Fictional aircraft
Fighter aircraft Fighter aircraft Category:Fighter aircraft
Flying boat Flying boat Category:Flying boats
Floatplane Floatplane Category:Floatplanes
Glider aircraft Glider aircraft Category:Glider aircraft
Glider tug Glider tugs Category:Glider tugs
Hang glider Hang gliders Category:Hang gliders
Helicopter Helicopters Category:Helicopters
Historical aircraft Historical aircraft Category:Historical aircraft
Hypersonic aircraft Hypersonic aircraft Category:Hypersonic aircraft
Interceptor aircraft Interceptor aircraft Category:Interceptor aircraft
Jet pack Jet pack Category:Jet pack
Light aircraft Light aircraft Category:Light aircraft
Light-sport aircraft Light-sport aircraft Category:Light-sport aircraft
Military aircraft Military aircraft Category:Military aircraft
Military airship Military airships Category:Military airships
Military helicopter Military helicopters Category:Military helicopters
Military reconnaissance aircraft Military reconnaissance aircraft Category:Military reconnaissance aircraft
Military tanker aircraft Military tanker aircraft Category:Military tanker aircraft
Military trainer aircraft Military trainer aircraft Category:Military trainer aircraft
Military transport aircraft Military transport aircraft Category:Military transport aircraft
Military utility aircraft Military utility aircraft Category:Military utility aircraft
Ornithopter Ornithopters Category:Ornithopters
Parasite aircraft Parasite aircraft Category:Parasite aircraft
Patrol aircraft Patrol aircraft Category:Patrol aircraft
Racing aircraft Racing aircraft Category:Racing aircraft
Radio-controlled aircraft Radio-controlled aircraft Category:Radio-controlled aircraft
Roadable aircraft Roadable aircraft Category:Roadable aircraft
Reconnaissance aircraft Reconnaissance aircraft Category:Reconnaissance aircraft
Rotorcraft Rotorcraft Category:Rotorcraft
Sailplane Sailplanes Category:Sailplanes
Spaceplane Spaceplanes Category:Spaceplanes
Special-purpose aircraft Special-purpose aircraft Category:Special-purpose aircraft
Sport aircraft Sport aircraft Category:Sport aircraft
STOL aircraft STOL aircraft Category:STOL aircraft
Supersonic aircraft Supersonic aircraft Category:Supersonic aircraft
Tiltrotor aircraft Tiltrotor aircraft Category:Tiltrotor aircraft
Trainer aircraft Trainer aircraft Category:Trainer aircraft
Tansport aircraft Transport aircraft Category:Transport aircraft
Ultralight aircraft Ultralight aircraft Category:Ultralight aircraft
Ultralight trike Ultralight trikes Category:Ultralight trikes
Unmanned aerial vehicle Unmanned aerial vehicles Category:Unmanned aerial vehicles
VTOL aircraft VTOL aircraft Category:VTOL aircraft
Very light jet Very light jets Category:Very light jets


This is for the Category:Spacecraft by type subcategory of Category:Spacecraft.

Parameter value Link text Appended categories
Rocket Rockets Category:Rockets
Spaceplane Spaceplanes Category:Spaceplanes


This is for the Category:Vehicle by type subcategory of Category:Vehicles.

Parameter value Link text Appended categories
Automobile Automobile Category:Automobile
Military vehicle Military vehicle Category:Military vehicle
Motorcycle Motorcycle Category:Motorcycle
Pushback Pushback Category:Pushback
Truck Truck Category:Truck
Utility vehicle Utility vehicle Category:Utility vehicles


This is for the Category:Seacraft by type subcategory of Category:Seacraft.

Parameter value Link text Appended categories
Aircraft carrier Aircraft carriers Category:aircraft carriers

Air traffic control

This is for the Category:Air Traffic Control by type subcategory of Category:Air Traffic Control.

Parameter value Link text Appended categories
ATC aircraft Air traffic control Category:ATC Aircraft