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The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


Convert a craft's type into a link to a category page and append the category to the calling page.


{{craft type
| type
| pre =
Type of aircraft, spacecraft, vehicle, seacraft or air traffic control. Although this can be any text, special parameter values, independent of capitalisation, will be associated with a category. This will result in the creation of an internal wiki link to the category as well as appending the category to the article. See the Craft types section below for a table of values.
Text to prefix prior to the link text. This is useful for creating lists.

Craft types

The following tables show the special values for the type parameter. To extend these lists, both the {{craft type}} template and {{craft type/doc}} documentation template need to be updated. Translations of the link text are supported.


This is for the Category:Aircraft by type subcategory of Category:Aircraft.

Parameter value Link text Appended categories
AWACS aircraft AWACS aircraft Category:AWACS aircraft
Aerial firefighting aircraft Aerial firefighting aircraft Category:Aerial firefighting aircraft
Aerobatic aircraft Aerobatic aircraft Category:Aerobatic aircraft
Aerostat Aerostat Category:Aerostat
Agricultural aircraft Agricultural aircraft Category:Agricultural aircraft
Airliner Airliners Category:Airliners
Airship Airships Category:Airships
Amphibious helicopter Amphibious helicopters Category:Amphibious helicopters
Attack aircraft Attack aircraft Category:Attack aircraft
Autogyro Autogyros Category:Autogyros
Balloon Balloons Category:Balloons
Bomber aircraft Bomber aircraft Category:Bomber aircraft
Business aircraft Business aircraft Category:Business aircraft
Business jet Business jet Category:Business jet
Cargo aircraft Cargo aircraft Category:Cargo aircraft
Carrier-based aircraft Carrier-based aircraft Category:Carrier-based aircraft
Civil aircraft Civil aircraft Category:Civil aircraft
Civil trainer aircraft Civil trainer aircraft Category:Civil trainer aircraft
Civil utility aircraft Civil utility aircraft Category:Civil utility aircraft
Experimental aircraft Experimental aircraft Category:Experimental aircraft
Fictional aircraft Fictional aircraft Category:Fictional aircraft
Fighter aircraft Fighter aircraft Category:Fighter aircraft
Flying boat Flying boat Category:Flying boats
Floatplane Floatplane Category:Floatplanes
Glider aircraft Glider aircraft Category:Glider aircraft
Glider tug Glider tugs Category:Glider tugs
Hang glider Hang gliders Category:Hang gliders
Helicopter Helicopters Category:Helicopters
Historical aircraft Historical aircraft Category:Historical aircraft
Hypersonic aircraft Hypersonic aircraft Category:Hypersonic aircraft
Interceptor aircraft Interceptor aircraft Category:Interceptor aircraft
Jet pack Jet pack Category:Jet pack
Light aircraft Light aircraft Category:Light aircraft
Light-sport aircraft Light-sport aircraft Category:Light-sport aircraft
Military aircraft Military aircraft Category:Military aircraft
Military airship Military airships Category:Military airships
Military helicopter Military helicopters Category:Military helicopters
Military reconnaissance aircraft Military reconnaissance aircraft Category:Military reconnaissance aircraft
Military tanker aircraft Military tanker aircraft Category:Military tanker aircraft
Military trainer aircraft Military trainer aircraft Category:Military trainer aircraft
Military transport aircraft Military transport aircraft Category:Military transport aircraft
Military utility aircraft Military utility aircraft Category:Military utility aircraft
Ornithopter Ornithopters Category:Ornithopters
Parasite aircraft Parasite aircraft Category:Parasite aircraft
Patrol aircraft Patrol aircraft Category:Patrol aircraft
Racing aircraft Racing aircraft Category:Racing aircraft
Radio-controlled aircraft Radio-controlled aircraft Category:Radio-controlled aircraft
Roadable aircraft Roadable aircraft Category:Roadable aircraft
Reconnaissance aircraft Reconnaissance aircraft Category:Reconnaissance aircraft
Rotorcraft Rotorcraft Category:Rotorcraft
Sailplane Sailplanes Category:Sailplanes
Spaceplane Spaceplanes Category:Spaceplanes
Special-purpose aircraft Special-purpose aircraft Category:Special-purpose aircraft
Sport aircraft Sport aircraft Category:Sport aircraft
STOL aircraft STOL aircraft Category:STOL aircraft
Supersonic aircraft Supersonic aircraft Category:Supersonic aircraft
Tiltrotor aircraft Tiltrotor aircraft Category:Tiltrotor aircraft
Trainer aircraft Trainer aircraft Category:Trainer aircraft
Tansport aircraft Transport aircraft Category:Transport aircraft
Ultralight aircraft Ultralight aircraft Category:Ultralight aircraft
Ultralight trike Ultralight trikes Category:Ultralight trikes
Unmanned aerial vehicle Unmanned aerial vehicles Category:Unmanned aerial vehicles
VTOL aircraft VTOL aircraft Category:VTOL aircraft
Very light jet Very light jets Category:Very light jets


This is for the Category:Spacecraft by type subcategory of Category:Spacecraft.

Parameter value Link text Appended categories
Rocket Rockets Category:Rockets
Spaceplane Spaceplanes Category:Spaceplanes


This is for the Category:Vehicle by type subcategory of Category:Vehicles.

Parameter value Link text Appended categories
Automobile Automobile Category:Automobile
Military vehicle Military vehicle Category:Military vehicle
Motorcycle Motorcycle Category:Motorcycle
Pushback Pushback Category:Pushback
Truck Truck Category:Truck
Utility vehicle Utility vehicle Category:Utility vehicles


This is for the Category:Seacraft by type subcategory of Category:Seacraft.

Parameter value Link text Appended categories
Aircraft carrier Aircraft carriers Category:aircraft carriers

Air traffic control

This is for the Category:Air Traffic Control by type subcategory of Category:Air Traffic Control.

Parameter value Link text Appended categories
ATC aircraft Air traffic control Category:ATC Aircraft


Utility aircraft list

{{craft type|civil utility aircraft}}{{craft type|military utility aircraft|pre=, <nowiki></nowiki>}}

Civil utility aircraft, Military utility aircraft