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Craft propulsion

The following tables show the special values for the propulsion parameter. To extend these lists, both the {{craft propulsion}} template and {{craft propulsion/doc}} documentation template need to be updated. Translations of the link text are supported.


This is for the Category:Aircraft by propulsion subcategory of Category:Aircraft.

Parameter value Link text Appended categories
Auxiliary jet engine aircraft Auxiliary jet engine aircraft Category:Auxiliary jet engine aircraft
Contra-rotating propeller aircraft Contra-rotating propeller aircraft Category:Contra-rotating propeller aircraft
Ducted fan-powered aircraft Ducted fan-powered aircraft Category:Ducted fan-powered aircraft
Electric aircraft Electric aircraft Category:Electric aircraft
Eight-engine aircraft Eight-engine aircraft Category:Eight-engine aircraft
Four-engine aircraft Four-engine aircraft Category:Four-engine aircraft
Jet aircraft Jet aircraft Category:Jet aircraft
Microjet Microjets Category:Microjets
Mixed-power aircraft Mixed-power aircraft Category:Mixed-power aircraft
Multi-engine aircraft Multi-engine aircraft Category:Multi-engine aircraft
Piston aircraft Piston aircraft Category:Piston aircraft
Propeller aircraft Propeller aircraft Category:Propeller aircraft
Push-pull aircraft Push-pull aircraft Category:Push-pull aircraft
Pusher aircraft Pusher aircraft Category:Pusher aircraft
Rocket-powered aircraft Rocket-powered aircraft Category:Rocket-powered aircraft
Single-engine aircraft Single-engine aircraft Category:Single-engine aircraft
Six-engine aircraft Six-engine aircraft Category:Six-engine aircraft
Three-engine aircraft Three-engine aircraft Category:Three-engine aircraft
Tractor aircraft Tractor aircraft Category:Tractor aircraft
Turboprop aircraft Turboprop aircraft Category:Turboprop aircraft
Twin-engine aircraft Twin-engine aircraft Category:Twin-engine aircraft
Unpowered aircraft Unpowered aircraft Category:Unpowered aircraft

Composite parameter values include:

Parameter value Link text Appended categories
Quadjet Quadjets (Jet aircraft, Four-engine aircraft) Category:Quadjets, Category:Jet aircraft, Category:Four-engine aircraft
Single-engine jet Single-engine jets (Jet aircraft, Single-engine aircraft) Category:Single-engine jets, Category:Jet aircraft, Category:Single-engine aircraft
Trijet Trijets (Jet aircraft, Three-engine aircraft) Category:Trijets, Category:Jet aircraft, Category:Three-engine aircraft
Twin-engine piston aircraft Twin-engine piston aircraft (Piston aircraft, Twin-engine aircraft) Category:Twin-engine piston aircraft, Category:Piston aircraft, Category:Twin-engine aircraft
Twinjet Twinjets (Jet aircraft, Twin-engine aircraft) Category:Twinjets, Category:Jet aircraft, Category:Twin-engine aircraft


As of yet, no propulsion categories exist for spacecraft.


As of yet, no propulsion categories exist for vehicles.


As of yet, no propulsion categories exist for seacraft.