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The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


Convert a craft's propulsion into a link to a category page and append the category to the calling page.


{{craft propulsion
| propulsion
| pre =
The aircraft, spacecraft, vehicle, or seacraft propulsion. Although this can be any text, special parameter values, independent of capitalisation, will be associated with a category. This will result in the creation of an internal wiki link to the category as well as appending the category to the article. See the Craft propulsion section below for a table of values.
Text to prefix prior to the link text. This is useful for creating lists.

Craft propulsion

The following tables show the special values for the propulsion parameter. To extend these lists, both the {{craft propulsion}} template and {{craft propulsion/doc}} documentation template need to be updated. Translations of the link text are supported.


This is for the Category:Aircraft by propulsion subcategory of Category:Aircraft.

Parameter value Link text Appended categories
Auxiliary jet engine aircraft Auxiliary jet engine aircraft Category:Auxiliary jet engine aircraft
Contra-rotating propeller aircraft Contra-rotating propeller aircraft Category:Contra-rotating propeller aircraft
Ducted fan-powered aircraft Ducted fan-powered aircraft Category:Ducted fan-powered aircraft
Electric aircraft Electric aircraft Category:Electric aircraft
Eight-engine aircraft Eight-engine aircraft Category:Eight-engine aircraft
Four-engine aircraft Four-engine aircraft Category:Four-engine aircraft
Jet aircraft Jet aircraft Category:Jet aircraft
Microjet Microjets Category:Microjets
Mixed-power aircraft Mixed-power aircraft Category:Mixed-power aircraft
Multi-engine aircraft Multi-engine aircraft Category:Multi-engine aircraft
Piston aircraft Piston aircraft Category:Piston aircraft
Propeller aircraft Propeller aircraft Category:Propeller aircraft
Push-pull aircraft Push-pull aircraft Category:Push-pull aircraft
Pusher aircraft Pusher aircraft Category:Pusher aircraft
Rocket-powered aircraft Rocket-powered aircraft Category:Rocket-powered aircraft
Single-engine aircraft Single-engine aircraft Category:Single-engine aircraft
Six-engine aircraft Six-engine aircraft Category:Six-engine aircraft
Three-engine aircraft Three-engine aircraft Category:Three-engine aircraft
Tractor aircraft Tractor aircraft Category:Tractor aircraft
Turboprop aircraft Turboprop aircraft Category:Turboprop aircraft
Twin-engine aircraft Twin-engine aircraft Category:Twin-engine aircraft
Unpowered aircraft Unpowered aircraft Category:Unpowered aircraft

Composite parameter values include:

Parameter value Link text Appended categories
Quadjet Quadjets (Jet aircraft, Four-engine aircraft) Category:Quadjets, Category:Jet aircraft, Category:Four-engine aircraft
Single-engine jet Single-engine jets (Jet aircraft, Single-engine aircraft) Category:Single-engine jets, Category:Jet aircraft, Category:Single-engine aircraft
Trijet Trijets (Jet aircraft, Three-engine aircraft) Category:Trijets, Category:Jet aircraft, Category:Three-engine aircraft
Twin-engine piston aircraft Twin-engine piston aircraft (Piston aircraft, Twin-engine aircraft) Category:Twin-engine piston aircraft, Category:Piston aircraft, Category:Twin-engine aircraft
Twinjet Twinjets (Jet aircraft, Twin-engine aircraft) Category:Twinjets, Category:Jet aircraft, Category:Twin-engine aircraft


As of yet, no propulsion categories exist for spacecraft.


As of yet, no propulsion categories exist for vehicles.


As of yet, no propulsion categories exist for seacraft.


Normal parameters

Twin-engine aircraft

{{craft propulsion|twin-engine aircraft}}

Twin-engine aircraft

Composite parameters


{{craft propulsion|quadjet}}

Quadjet (Jet aircraft, Four-engine aircraft)

Single-engine jet

{{craft propulsion|single-engine jet}}

Single-engine jet (Jet aircraft, Single-engine aircraft)


{{craft propulsion|trijet}}

Trijet (Jet aircraft, Three-engine aircraft)

Twin-engine piston aircraft

{{craft propulsion|twin-engine piston aircraft}}

Twin-engine piston aircraft (Piston aircraft, Twin-engine aircraft)


{{craft propulsion|twinjet}}

Twinjet (Jet aircraft, Twin-engine aircraft)